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Moving hips, talking pickles

AO: Woodshed
Q: Ash
PAX: Ash, Jar Jar, Teddy, Silver Bullet, Silent Bob, Side Salad, Pipeline
FNGs: None
Brisk 40 degree morning at The Shed. YHC busted out shorts to make Teddy proud. (Teddy of course was in shorts and short sleeves.)

Goal for today for YHC was to give the pax a workout but also selfishly cater it towards some hip mobility and core work. YHC is staring Kiawah right in the face and is at peak training, so incorporating hip movement and dynamic stretching was intentional.

30 SSH in cadence
20 single count (10 each side) single leg dead lift
20 squats in cadence
20 Imperial walkers in cadence

3 rounds of 3 rounds:
3 rounds OYO //
10 pushups
20 single count bicycles
Plank for the 6 (YHC called out various plank movements)

3 rounds OYO //
10 pushups
10 count (5 each side) fire hydrant
Plank for the 6 (YHC called out various plank movements)

3 rounds OYO //
10 pushups
10 hip raisers (5 with one leg raised, 5 with the other … a variation courtesy of Jar Jar to make it more intense)
Plank for the 6 (YHC called out various plank movements)

Mosey to the lower parking lot and circle up for some Mary:
20 hello dolly in cadence
20 box cutters in cadence
20 flutters in cadence
20 American hammers in cadence
20 iron cross OYO

Parking lot down and backs:
Perform the exercise down to the predetermined stopping point. 10 SSH OYO. Jog back to start. Repeat with new exercise , 10 SSH etc etc …

(1) Bear crawl
(2) Crab walk
(3) Open the gate / close the gate
(4) Frank Martins (side shuffle) each way
(5) butt kicks and high knees
(6) Skip jumps

Mosey to lower playground:
3 rounds OYO //
5 pullups
10 calf raises
Mosey to road. Jail break back to flag. 5 burpees to close it all out.

Cold Brew Half 12.17
TTF3.0 1.7.23

Prayers shared for Silent Bobs Ms grandma, Foxhole, family nearby that lost their home that Jar Jar mentioned, and others.

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