• When: 03/03/17
  • QIC: Polo
  • The PAX: Polo, Borat (PR), Subby (PR), Driveby (PR), Sketch (PR), Bundy (PR), OC, Huffy, Fannie, Myrtle, Stent, and Promo- may have missed one or two Pre-Runs

Why post a route on the internet when you have a post-it-note?

YHC is not on Strava. I don’t want Big Brother following my every move. Wait…they can follow me on Iphone? Never mind. I am too lazy to sign up for Strava. And Strava can lie sometimes…but what never lies? A post-it-note. Yes, our route was on my handy post-it-note that can never let a man go astray on their route…unless I can’t read it.

The Thang-
From SPC
Down Woodraw
L on Heyward
L on Bonham
Across Devine and bear right on Heathwood Circle
L on Devereux
L on Day
R on Millwood
L on Sims
R on Wilmot
R on Woodraw back to SPC.

I thought it was 4.1…actually 4.3. I guess the Post-it-Note lied.

COT led by Borat
BOM led by Polo

Announcements- good luck for all Run Hard half/full marathoners next year.

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