• When: 2/14/13
  • QIC: Logo
  • The PAX: Beano, Chaser, Cheesy, Crawlspace, Cutler, Dr. Phil, Greenpeace, Heartbreaker, Logo, Luke, Mission, Mule, Padre, Robber, Roscoe, Rosebud, Sled (WD), St. Joe, Stent, Sway, Termite, Wide Right (WB),Woody, Silver Bullet, Lebron (FNG Chris Helps), Lizard Man (FNG Stuart White), Tonto

Valentine's Day Massacre

Logo’s Qs typically involve lots of running, but today he apparently decided Cupid needed a little more upper body strength to draw back his bow.

Conditions: 42 degrees and clear

The Thang:

Lap around school to High Field

SSH x 25
Flutter kicks x 25
Merkins x15
Hello Dolly x 15
Diamond merkins x 10
LBC x 15 4 count
Wide arm merkins x 10 4 count
Freddie Mercury x 15 4 count

Move: Lap around school to Heartbreaker’s Brick Pile
Flys with bricks x 20
Partner curls – ladder 10-1, regular count
LBC x 10
11’s: Merkins and Raise the roof (with bricks)
Legg throws with partner x 10
Rows x 15
Decline merkins x 10

Move: Run to Hollywood Squares
Stepups x 20 each
Squats x 18
Dips x 10

Move: Run to Great Wall of Pain
People chair x :60
Flutter kicks x 31 or 32 (Beano was disappointed)

Move: Run to Back Parking Lot for COT

Ball of Man: Stent led closing prayer


  • Spirited workout today. Great Q by Logo (@F3Logo).
  • 27 pax. Chaser: “27 used to be a Saturday number.” #growth
  • Kotters to Mission, Luke, Cutler — glad to have you guys back!
  • Epstein’s Mother to Tajh — still battling stomach bug #wholehousespillingmerlot
  • Last day for Race Jersey orders is Saturday. http://f3nation.com/2013/02/07/its-here-the-f3-2013-official-race-jersey/
  • Roscoe, per CR: “Our growth is the envy of F3Nation” or something like that. No doubt we have a good thing going here.
  •  Q for Saturday is up for grabs. Major BS is default.
  • Average Attendance over last 10 workouts: 25.3
  • Chaser has suggestion for a standing F3 Lunch, location TBA, weekly. Comments and suggestions welcome.

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