• When: 2/12/13
  • QIC: Heartbreaker
  • The PAX: Beano, Chaser, Cheesy, Crawlspace, Dr.Phil, Greenpeace, Heartbreaker, Logo, Low Dot, Noodle, Padre, Puddin', Robber, Roscoe, Rosebud, Seeker, Sled, Sway, Termite, Tonto, Flossy, Silver Bullet, Flamer (FNG Rhett Sanders), Stunt (FNG John Tyler) and a few more -- stand up and be counted!

I'm A Man of Constant Sorrow

28 of Columbia’s finest assembled in the soggy bottom gloom at DHS. The shovel flag was proudly staked, marking this ground as F3 conquered territory. Heartbreaker led the pax on the morning’s downPAINment.

Conditions: 55 degrees, soggy fields, light rain

The Thang:
SSH x30
LBC x25
Merkins x15
Dolly x25
Wide Merkins x15
Rosalita x25
CDD x15

Move: End Line – Strings of Fire
50% down – Merkins, LBC, CDD x5 each
100% back – repeat above set
75% down – set
100% back – set
100% down – set
100% back – set
Plank until all finished
Sideline – lunge walk, bear crawl, lunge walk, crab walk

Move: Heartbreaker’s Brickpile (get red bricks)
LAC x15 each way
Alternating press x30
Flies x25
Russian Twist x20

Move: Hollywood Squares
Incline Merkins x10
Decline Merkins x10
Dips x15
One Leg Squats x15 each

Move: Wall Street
People’s Chair x:90
Lunge Walk to tree
Squats x15
Crab Walk to walk
People’s Chair x:90

Move: back parking lot for COT

Ball of Man: Padre led closing prayer


  • “Just relax with a little lunge walk.”
  • “You only get wet once, or twice.”
  • “That nickname is too nice.”
  • Players to Mission, Luke, Neighbor, Checker, Cutler, Yellow Hat and a few others


  • Order deadline for race shirts is Saturday, February 16th
  • Apologies to George Clooney

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