• When: 2/9/13
  • QIC: Beano (aka Major BS aka Colonel Pain)
  • The PAX: Beano, Tajh, Sled (WD), Stegman, Pink, Crawlspace, Mississippi, Ron Burgandy (FNG Ben Hoover), Spud, Lambchop, St. Joe, Sway, Silver Bullet (FNG Andrew Cole), Apple, Seeker, Promo, Woody, Heartbreaker, Neighbor, Noodle, Roscoe, Stent, Tonto (WB), Robber, Low Dot, Greenpeace, Logo, Cheesy (LIFO)

Shock and Awe — Beano Does it Again

28 met the Columbia dawn with cries of “FEBA” and grumbled curses at Sled for ever inviting Beano into the fold in the first place. A slowed down cadence, focus on form, and little rest in between prolonged the downPAINment.

Conditions: 38 degrees, clear, but damp.

The Thang:

Lap around Dreher HS to warm up
Circle of Pain
30x side straddle hops
15x(four count) Merkins
25x Sit ups
15x(four count) Wide arm Merkins
25x Rocky sit ups
10x(four count) Diamond Merkins
30x Flutter kicks
15x (two count) Merkins
30x (four count) Freddy Mercury
15x (two count) Wide arm Merkins
20x (four count) Little baby crunch
10x (two count) Diamond Merkins
Another Lap around Dreher HS, then Heartbreaker’s Brickpile  for cinderblocks and bricks:
30x (four count) arm flutters to the front with bricks
20x (four count) bent over rows with blocks
20x (four count) arm flutters to the side with bricks
20x (four count) curls with blocks
30x (four count) alternating brick military press
–Another Lap around Dreher HS
–Bear Crawl for 25 meters
–Crab Walk for 25 meters then double time to the Brickyard for Part II
20x (four count) Russian twists with bricks
20x (four count) Flies with bricks while laying on blocks
20x (four count) curls with blocks
Movement to Hollywood Squares
20x (four count) incline Merkins
15x (four count) dips
10x (four count) one legged squats (each leg)
10x (four count) decline Merkins
–Lunge to the wall
People’s chair for a minute, legs at 90 degrees
15x (four count) body squat
People’s chair for a minute, legs at 90 degrees
30x (four count) Flutter kicks for good measure
–Movement to the flag for COT: final accountability, welcome new attendees, and closing prayer

Nothing Follows, Mission Complete!

  • Beano does not disappoint. Simple, hard workout
  • Spud called for a defibrillator at least once — but he kept at it (T-claps)
  • Beano brought a deck of cards but never used them — many were curious, many more were fearful
  • Welcome FNGs Ron Burgandy and Silver Bullet! 83 souls have now posted in Columbia sinc #BigBlast


  • Race Jersey order deadline NEXT SATURDAY 2/16/13. Order on the website
  • Interest is growing for 2.0 day. We need to get it on the books and work out logistics
  • Twitter chatter yesterday alledged Greenville’s #SwampRabbit had as good 2ndF as #Columbia. The gauntlet has been thrown down. More to come. #LizardsThicket smokes any bagel joint.
  • Finally, huge T-Claps to Tajh and Spooks Chair for organizing and hosting the Happy Hour on Saturday night! It was a total success, and we will definitely do it again!


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