• When: 2/7/13
  • QIC: Tajh
  • The PAX: Sway, Tonto, Tajh, Roscoe, Logo, Padre, Mel, Robber, Crawlspace, Wide Right, Cheesy, Stent, Woody, Mule, Chaser, Beano, Audit (WB), Puddin', Flossy, Nap, Seeker, Sled (WD), Gekko, Heartbreaker (LIFO)

Countdown to Pain

Tajh took the Q and led 24 faithful on a Countdown to pain. We weren’t sure what we were counting down to until…

Conditions: 46 degrees, partly cloudy

The Thang:

Logo’s Lap – Backward with Pain Stations
Merkins x20
LBC x20
Merkins x20
LBC x20

Brickpile – get block and bricks
Block Curls x20
Overhead Press x10
LAC w/bricks x20 each way
Bench Press x20
Flies w/bricks x20
Derkins x10

Jog around Big Field and back to Upper Field

COP – Countdown to Pain
No Rest Flapjack Sets counting down from 7 reps each to 1, no rest in between. First the countdown:
Superman Crunch
Then the pain: 82 Flutters called by Beano (AKA “Major BS”)

Run to Hollywood Squares:
Incline Diamond Merkins x10
Dips x10
Decline Merkins x10

Sprint back to Shovel Flag



  • Spirited crowd with lots of chatter this morning
  • The countdown was a crowd pleaser, beginning around 5.
  • Chaser did mountain climbers instead of CDD by mistake #MountainDocks
  • Pretty sure Audit and Sled were WB and WD, speak up if I’m mistaken
  • Three more pax on Twitter – making progress
  • Beano (Major BS) will Q on Saturday
  • Happy Hour Saturday at Hair of the Dog Tavern, 4:30 until

0 thoughts on “Countdown to Pain”

  1. Ahhemmm…For the record, Chaser, along with half of the other Pax, did CDD until we noticed that Tajh had called CDD but was actually doing Mountain Climbers. Tajh continued to do Mountain Climbers while calling CDD. Tajh got a bit excited/delirious leading the countdown to pain. Thus the coined phrase #MountainDocks or Carolina Dry Climbers.

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