• When: 02/05/2013
  • QIC: Roscoe
  • The PAX: Chaser, Crawlspace, Wide Right, Logo, beano, Sled, Woody, Padre, Mule, St. Joe, Mel, Robber, Jordache (FNG Bob Myers), Stent, Puddin, Rosebud, Green Peace, Audit, Seeker, Dr. Phil, Roscoe, Cheesy, Tonto

Are those Jordache jeans you're wearing?

The shovel flag was virtually planted and 24 pax descended upon “Roscoe’s Run.” 

Conditions:  35 degrees and crystal clear

The Thang:

Roscoe’s Run-Run to the stopsign at Adger and Devereaux 15 merkins.  Turn right on Devereaux and jog to Cedarwood 20 flutter kicks and 6 inches for a minute.  Run to the base of the Tomaka Hill and perform a true jacob’s ladder starting with one burpee rinse repeat 5 times “doing the Dabo” at the top of the hill (crowd pleaser).  Then jog to back to Adger 15 merkins then back to the lower field at Dreher.

Strings Of Fire:

15 LBC, 10 merkins, 15 squats sprint 100 yds to end of field.  Rinse repeat 4 times.  (real crowd pleaser after the Tomaka Hill jacob’s ladder)


Squat Jacks x 25, Mtn Climber x 20, Boat/Canoe x 4, High Flutters x 41 (because we are only half-asses compared to Beano’s 82nd Airbourne), LBC x 25, Russian Twist x 15, Freddy Mercury x 20, Merkins x 15 (Logo’s call).


The Q was told during Strings of Fire that several PAX needed a 10 count or there was going to be mutiny.  In the words of Beano-“I can stay home and count to 10.”

T claps to Chaser for asking in the COT “where’s the dude that showed up in jeans.”  This would be FNG Bob Myers (Jordache) who came to the gloom sporting his jeans.  When asked about this in the COT his response was “I don’t have any workout clothes” and it was then when he was appropriately named Jordache.  After this several PAX stated with his age being at a mere 20 years old he has no idea what Jordache means.  Maybe that explains the blank stare that was on Jordache’s face…..

Thoughts and prayers out to Sway’s soon to be better half Neyle with the passing of her father after a long battle with cancer.  The PAX sends condolences, thoughts, and many, many prayers.

Reminder–Happy Hour at the Hair of the Dog on Saturday the 9th at 4:30-until…  Spouses and significant others encouraged to attend.






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