• When: 11/26/15
  • QIC: Fountainhead & Splinter
  • The PAX: McNugget, Collar, Boris, DriveBy, Improv, RA, PurplePony, HoneyDo, Senator, Ditto, *Wingback, Misfire, Kitty, *PaperBoy, PurpleRain, Hatter, *Promo, PrairyDog, *Okra, *Beads, *Minion, SisterWife, *HeeHaw, Backdraft, RIP, LoveBug, BackHoe, Plea, HappyTrees, FullMetalJacket, Jenny, PolePosition, Michelle, *Splinter & F'head (* Indicates a #DoubleDown)

Turkey Day Kickoff

In a useless attempt to burn more calories before sun up than would be consumed this Thanksgiving Day, YHC joined forces with Splinter for an early #DownPAINment with some of the most giving guys I know.  Convergences are always a festive gathering, this morning being no different.  The festive mood cleared early, though, as the cool morning air was forgotten amidst rain of pain.

Conditions: 45-ish and dry for a beautiful morning at DHS.


YHC got first crack at the PAX while Splinter took over at the halfway point.  We got started at Dreher, with:

  • 25 SSH 4CT IC
  • 25 LBC’s 4CT IC
  • 26 High Knees 4CT IC (A lingering cough prevented the expected cadence wrap up at the 25 mark)
  • 15 Mercans 4CT IC
  • Plankorama

Mosey to the corner of the wall for a quick nod to the Pilgrim’s Native American guests on the first (barely historically accurate) Thanksgiving feast.  Meaning… we launched off on an Indian Run toward Heathwood Park.  Left on Adger, Right on Cassina, Right around Heathwood Circles, Right again on Cassina to Kilbourne.

Pause at Kilbourne for a quick 25 Big Boy Situps, OYO, to break up the run.

Continue the Indian Run (or perhaps just jailbreak it) down Cassina to Heathwood Park.

At Heathwood Park the PAX were given a 15 minute helping of Chelsea.  YHC tried to come up with some symbolic reference to the early settlers and, maybe, how Plymouth Rock is kind of near Boston, which is where Chelsea is located just inland… and how some of those early settlers might have made the trip to Chelsea for a workout.  Silly as the story was, YHC scrapped the idea and just explained what the Chelsea was and we got to work:

  • 5 Pull-Ups
  • 10 Mercans
  • 15 Squats
    Rinse & Repeat EMOM (Every Minute On (the) Minute) which we did for 15 minutes… the first ten weren’t that bad.  Totals: 75 Pull Ups, 150 Mercans, 225 Squats

With a huddle up for some flutter kicks, YHC turned the Q over to Splinter… which proved to be a poor choice.  His half hour proceeded like this (liberties taken by YHC in the retelling):

Jailbreak out to the corner of Abelia and Devereaux for:

  • 5 Clap Mercans
  • 10 Diamond Mercans
  • 15 Wide Arm Mercans
    Rinse & Repeat (Everything OYO… for the record, some OYO is faster/harder than others)

Sprint to Devereaux and Kilbourne

  • 5 Jump Squats
  • 10 Catcher Squats
  • 16 Jump Lunges
    Rinse & Repeat

Sprint even faster to Devereaux & Heathwood Circle

  • 5 V-Ups
  • 10 Iron Cross (solo)
  • 15 Indian Style (ehem, Criss-Cross-Apple-Sauce) Situps
    Rinse & Repeat

Sprint like you’re on fire (some of us weren’t keeping up…) to Devereaux & Albion

  • 5 Dive Bomber Mercans
  • 10 Mountain Climbers (2 Count)
  • 15 Plank jacks
    Rinse & Repeat (#CrowdPleaser)

Run like you’re the six… hmmm…  to Devereaux & Adger

Bear Crawl from Adger to Maiden Lane (which, if you’re from out of town, is nearly a 5K)
SSH while the first half Q sucks wind and tries not to hack up a lung.

Mosey Down Devereaux to a left turn on Princeton to the DHS back wall for a burpee, over the wall ladder:

  • 2 Burpees on the Princeton side of the wall
  • Jump the wall and do 4 Burpees on the DHS side
  • Jump the wall again and do 6 Burpees back on Princeton
  • Jump the wall and do 8 Burpees back on the DHS side of the wall
  • Jump the wall and do 10 Burpess on Pinceton again (dizzy and disoriented yet?  Yes.)
  • Jump the wall again and, again, try to regain ones composure.

Mosey, at long last, around DHS back to Hollywood Squares to round out the morning and do a quick COT & BOM as the second crew got started promptly at 7:00.


  • YHC had the pax fooled through the first half.  Not so much the second.  The family sickness exchange began last week and landed on my turn this past weekend.  The hope was that I was back to 100%… and was for about the first half hour.  Not so much the second.  Sources tell me I should have posted at the second morning working instead of the first (dig).
  • T-Claps to all who rose early for the Thanksgiving Convergence.  It’s always great to see guys from across the region, especially our Blythewood and NE brothers, making the longer than usual trek downtown.
  • T-Claps also to those who double’d down.  They’re referenced in the pax list but it’s worthy of restating them here.  Those two hour guys were: Beads, Splinter, Wingback, Promo, HeeHaw, Paperboy, Minion & Okra.  #F3Strong.
  • Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.  It’s a great reminder of how much we truly have to be thankful for.  More than that, though, it’s a reminder to whom we have reason to be thankful.  It’s a reason to give thanks.  You can do that in tangible ways with and through F3 to the Oliver Gospel Mission, to Families Helping Families, and to Palmetto Place Children’s Shelter.  More than just materially, though, I hope and pray you recognize the great Gift you have been given, notably as we enter this Christmas Season, and the Lord who grants us all good things.


Paperboy is doing an outstanding job getting the word out about the activities coming up in the life of F3.  I won’t pretend to replicate that.  As bullet point reminders, though:

  • FHF opportunity continues
  • OGM opportunity continues
  • PPCS  opportunity rising
  • F3 Dads TOMORROW back at DHS
  • Christmas Party at Kings Grant Clubhouse on the 15th
  • New Years Resolutions are right around the corner.  Get the EH bell ringing.  Every guy in Columbia is going to be feeling fat these next four weeks.  F3 is THE place to fix that.


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