• When: 11/25/2015
  • QIC: Heist
  • The PAX: Pondo, Wingback, CoPay, Grillz, Ziffel, HolyPoker, (part time/pre Ironyard warm-up appearance from Odyssey and LoveSeat).

Frosty Festival of Hills for Heists VQ for Stumble

Its was the VQ for YHC with the Stumble gang. Noteworthy comments from the Pax included, “Why didn’t you tweat out the route”, “why didn’t you build a route on Strava”, “Why didn’t you tell us your plans before we got out of our warm beds”… Ok notes taken and I will do better next time around… 7 fulltime pax braved the frost and 2 partime pax showed up for a pre Ironyard warmup run. Stumble is growning in numbers, as well as speed and stamina. Great to be part of this improving group and excited to get our second team registered for the P200 this week!

36 degrees, perfect right?!

The Thang:

Here is the Strava Route:

Route Description:

Left onto Olde Knight Parkway, right on Chambly, left on Queen’s Way, Right on Old Woodlands Rd. Take left onto Garners Ferry, cross Garners Ferry Rd when convenient and run to the bottom of the hill. Turn right for intense climb onto Montague Rd. Take a right onto Kilbourne Rd, then right on Hampton Hill Rd, and back down to Garners Ferry Rd. Cross Garners Ferry and start second intense climb up Woodhill Circle. Follow around and take a right onto Garners Ferry Rd. Take right onto Old Woodlands Rd, right turn onto Indian Mound Rd and left onto Martha’s Glenn Rd for one last series of hill work. (OPTION 1-Cross Old Woodlands to Dublin Rd, right on Winston Rd, left on Merill Rd). (Option 2-right on Old Woodlands, left on Christie Rd). Finish strong with left onto Galway, then left onto Olde Knight Parkway and finish up at COP.


Great work by the Pax. YHC is just starting to get up to speed and finish close to the other Pax. It’s great to see a bit of improvement. Even found myself having a conversation with Grilz over the last 3 miles of this 6 mile run (This was a not so heated discussion between a Tiger and a Gamecock). HA, a month ago YHC was gasping for air after mile # 3, so that is some progress! Awesome to know we will have two P200 teams. We now have 2-4 regulars that are dipping their toe in the water by running with Stumble for 15 minutes as a warm up to post at Gridiron on Monday and Ironyard on Wednesday. They will be up to 6 miles in no time!


■Convergence at Woodshed on Thursday 6am and 7am. Go go double down, then eat turkey!
■F3 Dads on Friday at 10AM.
■P200. Sign up and Pay, Heist registering second team this week.
■F3 Christmas Party- Dec. 15 @ Kings Grant.
■F3 5-Yr Anniversary is coming in March


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