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#Thunder's BAR officially raised

It was a pleasant surprise to see 24 men gather in the gloom Tuesday morning for another #Thunder beatdown.  A guest appearance from #Mission helped to ensure the chatter would keep the pax moving.  A false start in the parking lot and no warm-up lap let the pax know Adrian intended to make a full downPAINment.  A few surprises were in store, including a quick pub crawl down Devine Street, a date with the sprinklers and a page out of #Cheesy’s playbook with a brick surprise.  The pax are usually the ones asking others to join us, but it may be an F3 first that the pax were all offered a beer about halfway through.  Nightcaps version of #BillyZane?

Conditions: 60 degrees and cool


Parking lot:

        – SSH X 30 (4 count)
        – Mountain Climbers x25 (4 count)


Down Wheat, left on Holly (Mission: “I thought Amble was yesterday?”

St. John’s pain station:

        – Plank sequence while waiting on pax
        – 30 second Merkins AMRAP
        – 30 second Chaser LBC’s AMRAP
        – 30 second Merkins AMRAP
        – low plank 30 seconds

Great Wall at Building on Corner of Holly/Devine

        – Air chair x 60 seconds
        – Wall plank x 45 seconds #crowdpleaser
        – Balls to the Wall x 40 seconds

Mosey to Henry’s for First Stop on Pub Crawl

        – Burpees x 10 (told pax good news was they could say they did burpees at Kim Jung’s HDHH spot)
        – Decline Merkins w/ Partner x 25 / Flapjack

Mosey to Nightcaps for Second Stop on Pub Crawl

        – 6 inches outside the bar on sidewalk (there were actually 10 people still drinking at ‘Cappers)
        – Flutters x 40 (4 count) – greeted by a Nightcaps patron who offered the pax a beer
        – Russian Twist         (4 count) x 25
        – Carolina Drydock AMRAP x 30 seconds

Back to #Thunder

        – Plank sequence in parking lot – assist from #Termite

COP / Brick Workout

        – pax each grab 2 bricks from Adrian’s car
        – to the field, circle up
        – Front raises (4 count) x 25
        – Small circles front (4 count) x 10
        – Small circles back (4 count) x 10
        – Curls (4 count) x 30
        – Flys (4 count) x 20
        – Alternating tricep extension (4 count) x 20

Field Work / Sprints

        – Partner up
        – One partner starts backpedal, 5 second delay on second guy, both sprint/race length of field
        – 20 single count Merkins at finish
        – Switch roles and come back with backpedal / chase
        – 20 single count Merkins at finish
        – One partner starts bearcrawl, 7 second delay, sprint/race to finish length of field
        – 20 single count Merkins at finish
        – Switch roles and come back with bearcrawl/chase
        – 20 single count Merkins at finish
        – Length of field down and back (10 Burpees OYO were cut short to the disappointment of the pax)


BOM – Closed out by Adrian. Special Prayers for Robber and Smallmouth’s family, Costanza’s grandmother, and everyone else experiencing illness or other needs.


  • Adrian delivers complete beatdown in the fall-like morning. 
  • “How about a bloody mary?” – one pax to the Nightcaps patron
  • Welcome back Tackleberry – YMCA soccer field EH apparently paid off
  • This backblast was written by Adrian (thank YHC for the picture).  It’s time for some authorship rights…


  •  The golf outing is scheduled for October 10. Please contact Uno or Alter Boy if you are interested. We need to provide the golf course a head count next week. The preblast is now up.
  • The 3rd F bible study, which does not meet tomorrow night but rather next Tuesday night, does still have a seat or two left. If anyone is interested, contact TB at [email protected]. Meetings are scheduled for alternating Tuesday nights through the next few months at TB’s house, 8:00 PM.
  • If you’re on the Governors Cup list but haven’t registered, please go ahead and do so before the rate goes up at the end of this month. The discount code and registration instructions are on the Pre-Blast. Training runs planned for the weekends will also continue to be e-mailed out AND posted as Pre-blasts, such as the forthcoming 9 mile run this weekend, so that everyone can know the plan.
  • One team for the Palmetto 200 has already been formed with a second getting assembled now. March is a long way out but if you’re interested, we need to go ahead and get a roster together. Sign up now and show your commitment to F3 and our long term stamp on this state.
  • Amble is trying to make a shift in organizational structure to encourage the pax to take on a leadership role. If you’re interested in figuring out a run route and leading as Q, please let me know at [email protected]. There’s no better way to step up to the plate than organizing a run.
  • #HDHH is at Henry’s again this Wednesdaynight. Head to Lizards thicket for lunch that same day for some 2nd F eats.

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