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Bearded Beatdown

Our very Own Brother Si delivered the Bayou Beatdown this morning at the Strut.  He brought the pain to 25 Pax.  At one time it looked like a prison yard with individuals going back and forth unwilling or unable to talk to one another due to pain. All you could hear were crickets and gasps for air.  Great workout.   

Conditions: 50° and 90% humidity

The Thang:

Opening BOM

Jog to the Softball Field for COP

Side Straddle Hop x 19 IC
Imperial Walker W x 17 IC
Windmills x 17 IC
LBC’s x 15 IC
Arm Circles (F & B) x 15 IC
Merkins x 13 IC
Flutter Kicks x 13 IC

Jog to football field. Pair up.
Wheelbarrow merkin ladders!
Start at goal line, wheelbarrow to 5 and start with 1 merkin – add 1 every 5 yards. Switch places with partner every 20 yards. High plank while waiting on everyone to finish

Starting at the other goal line, stay with partner
Iron Crosses – 25 OYO

Low plank waiting on everyone to finish

Starting from goal line, run to other end zone, do 10 jump squats, run back, do 10 Carolina Dry Docks. Rinse and repeat, decreasing 1 per.
7 minutes, AMRAP

Mosey Back to Softball field for Six Minutes of Mary
Dolly x 13 IC
Rosalita x 13 IC

Flutter Kicks x 11

LBC x 13

Oblique Crunch x 12 each side IC

Freddy Mercurys x 11 IC

Jog back to Parking Lot



  • Remember Rx as his son will have open heart surgery on October 1st.
  • Sand Dollar’s wife is in the hospital with shortness of breath and will undergo additional test today.


  • Outstanding virgin Q for Brother Si
  • Instruction of the day “Plank or modified puke position”


  • Golf Outing – October 10th.  Must let Uno or Alter Boy know by September 26th if you plan to attend
  • Columbia Region Shirt Order must be submitted by Sunday, September 29th
  • Swagger Run, Monday, Wednesday and Friday – BlockBuster in Irmo at 5:30 a.m.
  • MudRun waiting list – Contact Sway to add your name if interested

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  1. Not the best runner in the world here, but the Palmetto 200 is very intriguing to me. C’mon Strut Brigade! If a few of y’all get me in the arm bar, I’ll do this with you!

    Just looking at Chaser’s photos and reading his tweets from the Blue Ridge Relay made me want to experience something like this myself.

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