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#Thunder: Beware the Snot Rocket

BackBlast respectfully submitted by Adrian on behalf of Snot Rocket

10 faithful gathered in the chilly gloom at #Thunder for Snot Rocket’s maiden Q.  Those who had the guts to show up did not leave disappointed.  A combination of: (1) fear of what Snot Rocket had in store and (2) the cold apparently rendered more than a few of the pax unwilling or otherwise unable to unass the fartsack.  Operating without fearless leader and Area Q Subprime (who went to #Swampfox for a beatdown at the hands of the brothers Reynolds), Snot Rocket put the pax through a creative, non-stop full body beatdown that utilized previously unexplored portions of the F3 Lexicon.  Although it was cold at the start, it didn’t take Snot Rocket long to work the pax into a sweat.  An overachiever by nature (a true Brosius) and a former college athlete, Snot Rocket delivered as expected.

Conditions: 41 degrees with 73% humidity

The Thang:

Warm-Up Lap Around Track

COP: Field

All 4 Count

SSH 30 count

High Knees 30 count

Mountain Climbers 20 count

Merkin’s 15 count

Plank Jacks 20 count

LBC 15 count

Rinse and repeat circuit twice (total of 3)

Run to Park

Obstacle Course

Single file, one behind the other – (LBC’s while waiting)

Swingset orangutan (special shout out for this one, good stuff)

Monkey Bars

Dips on bench 10 count

Merkin’s 10 count

LBC 10 count

Rinse and repeat twice (total of 3)

Bear Crawl and Crab walk (ark loader) to the amphitheatre

5 double feet jump to the top

15 Carolina dry dock

Step down 10 decline Merkin’s

Step down 5 Burpee’s at bottom

Rinse and repeat twice (total of 3)

Run back to field:

2 man tandem; first guy sprint half field 10 Merkin’s, second guy 10 LBC sprint to middle, Ollie North half Field 4 Burpees at finish

2 man tandem; second guy shuffle half field 10 Merkin’s, first guy 10 LBC shuffle to middle, Ollie North half field 4 Burpees at finish

2 man tandem; First guy back peddle half field 10 Merkin’s, second guy 10 LBC back peddle half field, Ollie North half field 4 Burpees at finish

2 man tandem; Second guy grapevine half field 10 Merkin’s, first guy 10 LBC grapevine to the middle, Ollie North half field 4 Burpees at finish

Six Minutes of Mary / Aborama:

Russian Twist 20 count

LBC 20 count

6 inches into flutter kicks into 6 inch into butterfly kicks

Freddie Mercury 30 count

Rocky sit ups 20 count


Ball of Man let by Snot Rocket


  • T-Claps to Snot Rocket for a fantastic maiden Q – fast-paced, full body work, got in pull up / upper body with the swingset orangutan / monkey bars.  Nice use of new equipment at our disposal at Thunder.  This was a very creative workout that kept the pax moving and involved.  We need more of this kind of stuff – if you have’t had the Q now is your time to step up! Great work Snot Rocket.
  • Plenty of #Mumblechatter about the incredible amount of fartsacking this morning – Marge was sorely missed and called out during the COP.
  • T-Claps to the pax who did show up in the cold.  You didn’t feel it after a few minutes so nice job pushing through.
  • SubPrime here: Great job Snot Rocket and Adrian holding down the fort while YHC dropped in on SwampFox.  YHC’ll be back Tuesday and hopefully about 10-15 other pax will also return.  YHC knows he is preaching to the choir if you are reading this but we need to get the numbers back up at Thunder.  Please recruit your buddies.  They need it and we need them.  Please also reach out to some folks that are no longer showing their faces regularly.


– The Pre-Holiday Fuel Challenge began October 14. Here is the pre-blast. A lot of F3Columbia is in on this challenge. Won’t you join us, too?
– The F3Columbia Pull-Up Challenge also launched October 14 with the goal of increasing everyone’s upper body strength. This is a must for the Spring Mud Run. Please check out the pre-blast here: http://f3nation.com/2013/10/14/preblast-f3columbia-daily-pull-up-challenge/
– Plan to attend (and bring an EH’d friend to) the Birthday convergence on October 26th at Finlay Park. It’ll be huge. If you ordered a T-shirt, make sure to get it from Sway and plan to gear up for the big one year anniversary event. There is also an #UltimateDoubleDown opportunity on the 26th. If you are training for the Governor’s Cup Half-Marathon you know the 26th is the day you are supposed to run 13.1 miles. So, if you simply cannot allow yourself to miss either workout, you are invited to do both. The group will depart ~5:00 AM to give time to complete the 13.1 before invading Finlay Park for the Convergence workout. #CSAUP
– We’re working on at THIRD Palmetto 200 relay team. We’re up around 28 participants so far with more coming from Greenville, Charlotte and elsewhere. This will not be an event you want to miss. Check the pre-blast for details and contact Chaser or YHC if you’re ready to commit.
– Northeast Big Bang Saturday November 2 at North Springs Park off Clemson Rd. 7-8:00 and a strong downtown contingent is needed to help get these guys off on the right foot.
– Governor’s Cup training continues this week with the LAST long run of 13 miles. Multiple options for getting this in either Friday, Sunday, or the #UltimateDoubleDown mentioned above. For more details look for the Preblast coming soon.

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