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The Weekly Top 40

A mid-week record FORTY (as is 4-0) pax assembled in the comfortable gloom at Dreher High School on Tuesday as Tajh made his return to the Q. Two FNGs were on hand for their initial beat down.

The Thang:

Side Strattle Hop X 30
82nd Flutter Kicks x 50
Imperial Walker X 30
8 count body Builder X 10
Burpees x 10

Move to Heartbreaker’s BrickPile — Block and 2 bricks
Curls x 10
Bench Press Block X 20
Curls X 10
Bench Press Block X 20
Curls with Bricks X 30
Reverse Curls w/ Bricks X 30

Take Bricks, move to Tennis Court
“Jump rope” with bricks 3min
Merkins x 10
Flutters x 20
“Jump rope” w/o bricks 3 min
Merkins x 10

Move back to Brickpile for COP:
CDD X 10
Flutters x 20
Curls w/Block X 10
Run around School
Freddy Merk X 10
Curls w/ Blocks x 10
Flutter X 10
Incline Murkins X 15 Beno
Arm Raises X 31 Chaser


Ball of Man


  • Well planned workout by Tajh. Nice work! My shoulders will be burning tomorrow, for sure.
  • 40 is a mid-week record attendance and the most since January 19th when Dredd, OBT, Moniteur, and Crotch Rocket came to town (41 that day). While this is exciting, it also signals the need for our group to split into two separate, regular workouts. We have averaged 32 attendees over the last three weeks. #TooMany  #GoodProblemToHave
  • The #AO was much more quite today with Mission/Chatterbox out of town.
  • #EpsteinsMothers by several vacationing regulars, including Roscoe and Checker.
  • #Kotters to Private Ryan — good to see you back this morning!


  • Bluegrass promoted the Junior Achievement 5K to be held this Friday at 7:30pm. Registration is on the Strictly Running website
  • #Amble is growing weekly and gaining strength. If you have not posted there, come check it out. It’s a really, really good run-focused workout.
  • Foul-weather contingencies for Beano’s ceremony on Wednesday will be emailed today. Let’s hope it does not rain.
  • Please RSVP to the Saturday cookout if you have not already.


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