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#Amble Report: Suicide is Painless

10 pax met at Kathwood Baptist Church prepared for some Amble road work, and Fountainhead did not disappoint.

Conditions, Clear 75 degrees and 20% humidity.


½ mile warmup jog to Crayton Middle School (CMS)
2 X 55 yard sprint across endzone
2 X 30 second max out baby-suicides with sprint completion of last out/back. (most pax got in 1 and change)
2 X 150 yard parking lot sprint
2 X 45 second max out baby-suicides with sprint completion (most pax duplicated their 30 second distance but with a little more change)
5 X king of the CMS hill with walk down recover (crowd pleaser)
2 X 150 yard parking lot sprint
2 X 60 second max out baby-suicides with limp/crawl/exhausted completion (several pax completed a double, double: two full suicides in 60 second, and repeat)
½ mile cool down jog back to Kathwood Baptist Church (KBC)


BOM closed out by F-head

  • Moleskin:
  • After posting several times to Amble, Noodle’s 2.0 was granted a name. Several pax indicated that they would rather the F3 community hear that they were smoked by the now named “Ramen” than by Noodle’s 4th grade son. Welcome little brother.
  • The naming of Ramen evoked nostalgic stories from the pax, topped off by Costanza’s recollection of making Ramen noodles in the bathtub when the microwave was broken. The irony that our Constanza once prepared food in the shower (in similar fashion to Seinfeld’s Kramer) was not lost.
  • The pax dismayed to learn that the drill we all grew up calling “suicides” could no longer be called that in the school system, according to Splinter, a high school coach. They are now called “line drills.” #HeavyDoseOfBSCalledOnThat
  • Sway: “I swore in 1985 I’d never do another suicide.” #Wrong

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