• When: 01/12/17
  • QIC: Fountainhead
  • The PAX: SlumDog, Wall-E, Garnish, RA, Pinkman, Duckie, Splinter, McNugget, BooBoo, Detour, Collar, Blowout & F'head

The Trifecta at #Hammer

A beautiful morning for a beatdown.  Nearly 50 degrees putting the short sleeve shirts back in play after the cold, cold start to the week is what makes #FamouslyHot @F3Columbia a great place to call home.  Satchel Ford, however, was a meat grinder this AM as YHC tripled everything and burned the clock in short order.

Conditions: 49 degrees a perfect.


From the drop:

SSH X 25, 4CT IC
Mercans X 15, 4CT IC
LBCs X 20, 4CT IC
Squats X 20, 4CT IC

Mosey over to the bus drop for the first of the morning’s three circuits.  Here’s the deal:

Mercans X 20 OYO
Squats X 30 OYO
Run the bus loop

Rinse & Repeat two more times (that’s three times total)

Plankorama while the pax regrouped with some lows, some left and right, a high or two and closed out with an IC call of more Mercans X 15, 4CT.

Mosey through the fence and toward the ball field for a second circuit amongst the bars as follows:

Pull-Ups X 10 OYO
Lunges X 15, Each Leg, OYO
Iron Cross X 20, OYO

Rinse & Repeat twice (again… that’s three sets of three exercises)

Ski Hops by one and all while the pax completed the three sets… oh, and find a little bark border to make it harder.  After the lunge sets, pretty much all bounce was absent from YHC’s legs.  Not sure how others fared but many seemed relieved when we exited circuit stop number two.

Mosey to the basketball court (the baseball field was a war zone) for circuit three which looped the court in a counter clockwise fashion as follows:

Wide Arm Mercans X 20 OYO
Monkey Humpers X 15 OYO
-Bear Crawl the short side of the court
Freddie Mercury X 10, each side, OYO
Burpees X 5 OYO
-Bear Crawl the short side of the court

Rinse & Repeat two times which rounds out the three for three…  three circuits, three sets each.

With the clock running down, Six Minutes of Mary remained which included the following:

6″, 45, 90 back to 6″, spread wide, 45 and spread wide, 90 and spread wide
LBCs X 15, 4CT IC
Giggling Nibblers X 15, 4CT IC (Right Side)
Giggling Nibblers X 15, 4CT IC (Left Side)
LBCs X 10, 4CT IC
6″ rolling into Flutter Kicks X 30, 4CT IC

Mosey back to the shovel flag and plank up waiting for the crowd to negotiate the wrecked under-story of the gloomy woods surrounding the baseball field.

COT (In plank, just because it seemed to work) & BOM


  • F3Camden launch on Saturday.  Go show your support especially if you’re too skeered to head over to #Battle
  • YHC has the #Battle Q on Saturday at AC Flora.  Guaranteed to be all you can handle on a Saturday.


  • The #Hammer pax may need to invest in some Beano.  Something rose up out of the swamp at corner #3 (see… we were all about the three’s this morning) and nearly choked off the Q.
  • Great to see a mix of faces, both old and new, at #Hammer.  Thanks for including me in the rotation.
  • Congratulations to Collar as he takes the reins as AOQ.  Everyone regularly at #Hammer, take note: leadership is hard.  When one is asked to step up and stand in that position of authority, we owe it to our brothers to support and encourage.


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