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The Secretary's Return

It’s not know whether or not Windmill’s secretary (who is also a personal trainer) aided in the design of his workout this morning, but calls for her dismissal were heard early and often as he took the 40 assembled pax on a leg- and back-focused jaunt through the Dreher High School gloom.

Conditions: 75 and partly cloudy

The Thang:

Warm up run to COP:

Jump squats x 32 – 10 sets (crowd pleaser)
2 count merkins x 15
Crunchs x 30; pulse crunches x 15; 10 count hold with crunch and legs extended; slow Freddie Mercury x 10
Back and leg extensions – 10 slow, 10 fast, swimming
Goal post back extensions x 10, pulse x 10
Leg extensions – 10 slow, pulse x 10

Run to Brick pile:
Backwards lunges (with bricks) x 30
Ice breakers (with bricks) x 30
Standing lunge (2-stage, 1-stage, 3-stage) x 30
Merkin with row with bricks x 8
Duck squats with block (2-stage, 1-stage, 3-stage) x 30
Step up’s with block for 30 seconds x 4 — fast
Woodchopper/side squat – 25 per side, with bricks


Ball of Man


  • The jump squats to start the day were intense. If you’re counting, we did 320. #FeelTheBurn
  • This workout was sneaky hard. I’m gonna feel it tomorrow for sure.
  • Note to self: Do not try to keep up with Termite on block step-ups. #FastFootwork


  • Monday/Wednesday bootcamp at #Brickpile starts Monday July 29th. Use it as an alternative or a supplement
  • F3 Camp with kids at YMCA Camp Thunderbird is August 16-18. Sign up on F3Nation.com
  • Tuesday is KettleBell day at Brickpile. Bring your KB — instructor will be present


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