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#Amble Report: Divergence

10 strong gathered in the gloom for a new route that led the pax through the hills, parting ways at the first mile marker but reconnecting again for the homeward trek down Kilbourne & Shady.  Several pax complained early and often of the solid beat-downs of the week demonstrating two things to the #Amble faithful…  First, the new F3 Irmo is going to hurt when AlterBoy takes the helm and, second, if your secretary can handle 320 jump squats without complaint, she’s probably in better shape than you are.

Conditions: 72 Degrees, 85% Humidity

The Thang:

Two options for the morning, each offering up a challenge.  Both distances started at the KBC parking lot and crossed Trenholm to head up Chicora, cross Wofford to Converse and run the length of Converse to East Buchanan.  At this point the routes diverged.  The 5.5 Mile Loop (Blue Loop) turned right on Buchanan, crossed Beltline and proceeded up to Trenholm road, crossing over and up the Heatherwood hill.  Heatherwood becomes Cedarwood before turning left on Devereaux and Kilbourne.  The 4.5 Mile Loop (Red Loop) turned left on Buchanan from Converse crossing Trenholm at Claremont before furthering the uphill climb on Pinemont to Kilbourne.  The two routes rejoin at Kilbourne Park Baptist Church headed downhill on Kilbourne to Shady Lane.  Near the end Quail corner on Shady, the routes make a second divergence getting back to Quail Lane by taking either the Lockewood (4.5 mile) or Wrenwood (5.5 mile) left turn to cut the corner before returning up Forest Ridge to the KBC Parking lot at Carter Hill.  Both routes were tough making full use of the neighborhood hills.


COT & BOM: Closed out by Fountainhead


  • Optimism that the longer loop guys could catch the short loop guys disappeared quickly when, on Shady, the distant 4.5 milers appeared to be every bit of a mile ahead indicating that the pace was up for everyone on a long Friday.  We did keep our eyes open, though, for pax in the trees leaving their mark on the neighborhood… we can mercifully report no such sightings.
  • #Amble continues to grow with a new FNG making an appearance due specifically to the WIS coverage from a few weeks back.  Thanks again to F3 Ron Burgundy @BenHoover and the WIS-TV crew for their support.


Tons of news for @F3Columbia…  for more on the following, check out the new F3 Columbia facebook page:

  • Saturday’s #Convergence will be at DHS at 7:00.  Be there and join the pax afterwards for some #SummerFuelChallenge eats at Lizards Thicket on Beltline.  #April.
  • The Capital Rotary Club blood drive is WEDNESDAY, JULY 31st at 1333 Main St — the CBRE Building. Please visit www.redcrossblood.org and enter sponsor code: CapRotary to schedule your donation or call Bryan at 760-1562 for more information.
  • August 3rd is Irmo #BigBang at Seven Oaks Park. For details see: http://f3nation.com/2013/07/22/preblast-f3-irmo-sc-set-to-launch-83/
  • Monday/Wednesday boot camp at #Brickpile starts this Monday, July 29th.  Amble will also meet Monday the 29th at KBC for a hilly distance run in place of our usual sprint work.
  • Tuesday July 30th is Kettlebell day at #Brickpile.
  • Robber has offered to head up or F3 Foundation efforts. Chaser has agreed to head up 3rd F efforts. If you would like to assist with either of these areas, please get in contact with Robber and Chaser. Email [email protected] if you need their info.

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  1. didn’t fully fartsack, just climbed the hills in elmwood/earlwood park today, boys. and this has been a tough week. legs were on fire this morning, especially after those #cheatmeal #fulldisclosure hunter gatherer pale ales last night…though i did pedal to and from the HG so that gave me a little bit of leeway, right?

      1. No, nothing apocalyptic. ‘Just another obscure book reference (as in, “The Fountainhead”). Don’t worry, though, they’re making a movie so you’ll probably hear about it in the coming months.

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