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Odds or Evens? Didn't Matter

46 PAX occupied the #Brickpile AO for a post-gloom Saturday morning #convergence.  The workout began with a leisurely warm-up lap around the school to shake off the soreness inflicted by Windmill and Alterboy on Thursday.  After a brisk COP on the lower field the PAX were treated to a tour of some of Heathwood’s finest hills.  The day culminated with a 15 minute run through at the #Brickpile and any thoughts of the weekend beginning without a classic F3 beat down were permanently erased.

Conditions – 75 and cloudy

The Thang

Warm Up Lap to Lower Field

COP – Lower Field

  • SSH – 25 (4ct)
  • Imperial Walker – 20 (4ct)
  • Merkins – 10 (4ct) —Hold High Plank on Completion and Count Off (remember odds and evens)
  • C-LBC – 20 (4ct)
  • Merkins – 10 (4ct)
  • Rosalita – 20 (4ct)
  • Wide-Arm Merkins – 10 (4ct)
  • Russian Twist – 20 (4ct)

Run to Adger & Devereaux   

  • 5 Minutes AMRAP
    • 5 Burpees
    • 10 Sit-ups (2ct)
    • 15 Merkins (2ct)

Run to Bottom of Berkeley/Adger Hills  (Evens with Chaser on Adger, Odds with SubPrime on Berkeley) (5min)

  • Flutter Kicks – 30 (4ct) (varying pace)
  • Protractor (6 inches, 45 degrees, taco, 45 degrees, 6 inches)

Mosey to Base of Hills – Jacob’s Ladder

  • Run to top of Berkeley/Adger Hills
    • 5 Burpees
  • Rinse and Repeat with Successive Burpees stopping at 8 Burpees
    • Stop at the bottom of Berkeley/Adger Hills and Plank on Completion
  • Partner-up and Wheelbarrow 1/3 of the way up Berkeley/Adger Hills – Switch and proceed the next 1/3 – lunge walk the final 1/3 to the top – Plank on Completion
  • Flutter Kicks – 30 (4ct)

Run back to DHS

Run to Brickpile (Plank Until All PAX Arrive)

  • Goblin Squats with Blocks – 10 (4ct)
  • Y-Raise with Bricks – 12 (4ct)
  • Triceps Curls with Bricks – 15 (4ct)
  • Curls with Blocks – 10 (4ct)
  • Arm Flutters Front & Side – 15 (4ct)
  • Triceps Curls with Bricks – 15 (4ct)
  • 30 Sit-ups OYO
  • Bench Press with Blocks – 15 (4ct); Burnout (AFAYC) to 15 (2ct)
  • Flutter Kicks – 20 (4ct) varying pace
  • Russian Twist with Bricks– 15 (4ct)


BOM – Closed out by SubPrime


  • Nice showing at #Convergence but would like to see more representation from #Swampfox.  #FridayNightsAreLateForYoungins
  • Trouble with odds and evens – words of advice, next time a count-off is suggested remind the PAX to remember their number BEFORE the count begins
  • Brief cameo by SubPrime’s senior on Adger following Jacob’s Ladder– quickly nicknamed “Primetime” after 43 years in cable television
  • Choppy cadence – the QIC’s cadence was noticeably shaken during the home stretch but got back on track for the final three exercises #willnothappenagain
  • Quick departure by Mission following the Brickpile segment but a familiar pick-up truck was waiting on us at #LizardsThicket AND someone was nice enough to pay for the #2ndF meal.  Coincidence? #no #thankyou
  • No #April at #2ndF this morning.  She was sorely missed and will be back next Saturday.


  • Monday/Wednesday bootcamp at #Brickpile starts Monday July 29th. Use it as an alternative or a supplement
  • F3 Camp with kids at YMCA Camp Thunderbird is August 16-18. Sign up on F3Nation.com
  • Tuesday is KettleBell day at Brickpile. Bring your KB — instructor will be present
  • The Capital Rotary Club blood drive is WEDNESDAY, JULY 31st at 1333 Main St — the CBRE Building. Please visit www.redcrossblood.org and enter sponsor code: CapRotary to schedule your donation or call Bryan at 760-1562 for more information.
  • August 3rd is Irmo #BigBang at Seven Oaks Park. For details see: http://f3nation.com/2013/07/22/preblast-f3-irmo-sc-set-to-launch-83/  
  • Monday #Amble is possibly moving permanently to the Owens Field Track but WILL meet as usual this Monday at Kathwood Baptist Church on Trenholm.  #buzzroscoe


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  1. First time for everything. I see part of the avatar was cutoff so some editing is inevitable. Really enjoyed the Q and everyone worked hard which was fun to see.

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