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#Swampfox sacrificed at the Alter(boy)…

23 men assembled at the Swamp Fox shovel flag (all bada$$ and matte black as it is) for the virgin Q of Alterboy. Looking for something new and innovative the pax were not disappointed and after 16 minutes of AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) exercises they were also ready for Alterboy’s first Q to be over.

Conditions: 75 degrees and humid.

Mosey to football field
3 Laps around cones placed in a square about 30 yards apart.
From cone to cone:
Lap of Shuffling side to side (inside & out)
Lap of backward / forward
Lap of high knees / kick backs
Walking lunges from one cone to the next
SSH x 20 (IC)
Merkins x 20 (4ct IC)
Mtn Climbers x 20 (4ct IC)
Bear Crawl to next cone
CLBCs x 20 (IC)
Low plank 0:45
Indian Run x 2 laps

Retrieve slabs & pavers and take to mid field line
Plank until all in position

AMRAP: 8 mins
Partner up
3 Turkish getups w/ paver (per side = 6 total)
10 FreddieMercury
15 mountain climbers (count every other step)
20 split lunges (10 per side)
Sprint 30 yards to cones and back
Rinse and repeat AMRAP for 8 minutes

AMRAP: 8 mins
Partner up
5 burpees
10 overhead triceps extension w/ 2 pavers
15 full range curls w/ slab
20 merkins
Sprint 30 yards to cones and back
Rinse and repeat AMRAP for 8 minutes

Return blocks and bricks and run to base of #HamburgerHill
Flutterkicks x 20 low and slow called by Chaser while pax assemble

Teams of 4
Bear crawl up #Hamburgerhill / reverse bear crawl down
Plank and hops over partners to midfield cone
Sprint back base of #HamburgerHill Burpees until everyone is finished

Sprint up #WalterPayton back to shovel flag

Ball of Man led by Alterboy

– 8/3 BigBang for new Irmo workout. This is a big deal and a challenge to us here in Columbia to make this work. Let’s see how many we can get out there on 8/3. If you can’t make 8/3 (like me most likely) then get out there 8/10 or 8/17 if you can. Maybe I can get a Q out there to spread a little SwampFox cheer to the Lake folks.

– 8/3 Hot Summer Nights race. Lets get a big F3 presence. We’ve picked up new members every time we’ve shown up strong at a race. Time to do it again.

– First Annual F3 Dads Camp at YMCA Camp Thunderbird the weekend of August 16 – 18. Cost is only $87 per person which covers room (air conditioned cabin) and food. This is open to all of F3 and so far over a hundred attendees (including kids) have committed. Here is the link for more information: http://f3nation.com/2013/07/03/1st-annual-f3-camp/

– Monday/Wednesday boot camp at #Brickpile starts next Monday, July 29th. Roscoe is QIC and will need others to step up and lead. This is intended to be both an alternative workout and a supplemental workout day. You will now have 7 boot camp opportunities on 5 days to choose from.

– Tuesday July 30th is kettlebell day at #Brickpile. Bring your KBs and learn from a professional instructor (secured by Robber). We will divide the workout as needed depending on the number of people and KBs available.

– The Capital Rotary Club blood drive is WEDNESDAY, JULY 31st. Several of our guys are members (Logo, Nancy Drew, Woody, Sunshine, Apple, Heist to name a few). The location is 1333 Main St — the CBRE Building. Please visit www.redcrossblood.org and enter sponsor code: CapRotary to schedule your donation or call Bryan at 760-1562 for more information. Please participate — the Red Cross has announced a critical blood shortage and needs your help.

– Robber has offered to head up or F3 Foundation efforts. The F3 Foundation is set up to receive donations and disperse those funds as determined by the local pax. Any money we raise here will be used here. More to follow, but I really think we have an amazing opportunity to leverage our membership for some positive contribution to this city, be it service projects, mentoring, or something different. If you have an idea of how we can make an impact, please share it.

– I’ve have agreed to head up 3rd F (FAITH) efforts but, honestly, I need help. I’ve explored options like a men-focused video series to show at my house one evening a week (thinking Tuesdays) and looking at what people in other F3 locations are doing. Some F3 groups do “Six Pack and A Bible” (no kidding) and I like that premise though a six-pack may be pushing the limits of decency. More to follow but please let me know if you are interested and/or would like to help me get this organized. Between a wife, 4 children under 8, work and 5-6 pre-dawn workouts a week I’m pushing my limits mentally (not difficult) and physically already. Would love some help. Hit me up at [email protected] or on twitter @pjasonreynolds if you have an interest.

– The Facebook page is up and running. The weekly schedule will be prominently displayed and “pinned” to the top of the page each week.

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