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#Amble Report: Anchors Away

12 pax plus YHC (that would be 13 total) rolled into the KBC parking lot looking for an easy #Amble after the earlier pain-fests of the week.  Calves were still tight from the combo stairs (Saturday) and sprints (Monday).  While not too easy a loop, the 4 mile distance has served the pax well and, at a conversational pace, provided ample exertion for the morning.

Conditions: 74 Degrees, 97% Humidity (sneaky sweaty)

The Thang:

4 mile Lake Loop of earlier #Amble days:  From the KBC parking lot, turn left downhill on Forest Ridge, left on Quail, right on Lockewood to a right on Shady (actually most everyone, including the Q, missed the Lockewood cutoff adding .15 miles to the route).  Run Shady Lane to Kilbourne and up the hill to a right hand turn on Sanford.  Right again on Kathwood Drive and up, down, up, down, up, down to the left turn onto Woodlake.  Burn it out back up to the  turn onto Carterhill and wrap it up in the KBC parking lot.

COT & BOM: Closed out by Fountainhead with prayers for Robber’s Uncle Leo


  • The pax finished strong… but with some necessary and/or self inflicted delays.  Not to be outdone by sightings at #Brickpile yesterday, one of our number had to make a pit stop to “drop an anchor at the end of Shady”.  Names will not be mentioned herein but said pax and yesterdays #BaggerVance may have a little too much in common.  #IllegalDumping.  ALSO T-Claps are due to our final runner who opted for the 5 mile loop from last Friday’s run.  Getting lost is always acceptable if it results in a longer route.
  • It was apparently rush hour this morning on the Kilbourne hill which reminds us all to be more consistent with the reflective gear and disciplined in running against traffic.  The Gear Store has options for vests and lights or you can pick something up from local shops.  This will only get more and more critical as the gloom gets darker.
  • Also on the safety front, concern for proper hydration was brought up after the COT and a good idea to reference here given the deceptive temperature/humidity conditions we’ve had lately.  The #SummerFuelChallenge has taken alcohol off of our lists of reasons to bonk but there are others.  If you’re not staying hydrated, get right with the fluids.  Even an “easy” #Amble can be enough to kill the kidneys.
  • Last, please keep Robber’s Uncle Leo in your prayers.  He’s been sent home from hospice.  Their family needs our support and, far more so, that of the Lord’s.  Lift them up.


Tons of news for @F3Columbia…  for more on the following, check out the new F3 Columbia facebook page:

  • First, a correction to my announcement during the COT:  The Capital Rotary Club blood drive is WEDNESDAY, JULY 31st. Several of our guys are members (Logo, Nancy Drew, Woody, Sunshine, Apple, Heist to name a few). The location is 1333 Main St — the CBRE Building. Please visit www.redcrossblood.org and enter sponsor code: CapRotary to schedule your donation or call Bryan at 760-1562 for more information. Please participate — the Red Cross has announced a critical blood shortage and needs your help.
  • Lunch today (Wednesday) at the Beltline Lizards Thicket.  #April.
  • August 3rd is Irmo #BigBang at Seven Oaks Park. For details see: http://f3nation.com/2013/07/22/preblast-f3-irmo-sc-set-to-launch-83/
  • Monday/Wednesday boot camp at #Brickpile starts next Monday, July 29th.  Amble will also meet Monday the 29th at KBC.  We’ve had discussions of meeting regularly on Mondays at Owens Field but this coming Monday will remain at KBC for a new combo hill/distance route.
  • Tuesday July 30th is Kettlebell day at #Brickpile.
  • Several 5Ks coming up in the next 6 weeks – details to follow on email.
  • Robber has offered to head up or F3 Foundation efforts. Chaser has agreed to head up 3rd F efforts. If you would like to assist with either of these areas, please get in contact with Robber and Chaser. Email [email protected] if you need their info.


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