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The Security Guard and #BaggerVance

35 pax (including one young FNG) arrived at Dreher without a shred of a clue as to who would be Q. Logo was prepared, however, and let the assembled men on a brick-filled basketball workout.

Conditions: 73, overcast, cool breeze blowing.

The Thang:

Warm-up lap around school

Circle of Pain at HeartBreakers Brickpile

SSH x 20
Merkins x 12 (4 count)
25 Sit ups OYO
Nose breakers with blocks x 12
Bench press with blocks x 10
Arm raises up and out with bricks x 15 (4 count)
Curls x 15 (4 count)
Rows x 15 (4 count)

Mosey to Parking lot

Suicide across parking lot
10 Merkins
15 LBC
20 Squats

Suicide across parking lot
20 Merkins
15 Squats
10 LBC

Mosey to front of school

Lunge walk x 30

Hollywood Squares
Decline Merkins x 10 (4 count)
Step ups x 10 each leg
Dips x 10 (4 count)

Mosey to lower field

Hold legs out 6 inches, taco, protractor
Rinse and repeat x 3

Hello Dolly x 15
LBC x 10
Wide arm merkins x 8 (4 count)

3/4 sprint speed back to Heartbreakers Brickpile

Nose breakers with blocks x 15
Bench Press with blocks x 15 (4 count)
25 sit ups OYO
Curls with blocks x 15 (4 count)
Flutters x 25 (4 count)
Arm raises up and out with bricks x 15
Merkins with Raise the roof x 6
LBC x 10
Bench press with blocks AMRAP x 60 secs

Circle of Trust

Ball of Man

Naked Man Moleskin:

  • We were greeted for the first time at DHS this morning by a security guard. She didn’t say anything, but her presence in the AO was out of the ordinary and we wondered why she was there — until we met #BaggerVance and his hell hound wandering out of the gloom on the lower field. 
  • “Watch out for homeless dog poo … or just homeless poo.”
  • Logo called on his college basketball bag of tricks to dish out a full dose of suck.
  • The “nose breakers” were just that — I have the swollen nose to prove it. #ReadTheDisclaimer
  • T-claps to Obamacare for his third post in three opportunities since showing up blindly at the State House on Saturday as a result of the WIS story. We’re looking forward to getting to know you!
  • FNG Franklin Jenkins, 2.0 of Moon River, was skeptical of the intensity of his dad’s workout. #NotAnymore. We hope you come back, Wild Thing.


  • August 3rd is Irmo #BigBang at Seven Oaks Park. We will need pax to attend the workouts on August 3, 10, and 17 to help them get started. Invite and promote to all you know in Irmo, Chapin, even Lexington. There is a pre-blast posted here — send your friends this link: http://f3nation.com/2013/07/22/preblast-f3-irmo-sc-set-to-launch-83/
  • Monday/Wednesday boot camp at #Brickpile starts next Monday, July 29th. Roscoe is QIC and will need others to step up and lead. This is intended to be both an alternative workout and a supplemental workout day. You will now have 7 boot camp opportunities on 5 days to choose from.
  • Tuesday July 30th is kettlebell day at #Brickpile.  Bring your KBs and learn from a professional instructor (secured by Robber). We will divide the workout as needed depending on the number of people and KBs available.
  • The Capital Rotary Club blood drive is WEDNESDAY, JULY 31st. Several of our guys are members (Logo, Nancy Drew, Woody, Sunshine, Apple, Heist to name a few). The location is 1333 Main St — the CBRE Building. Please visit www.redcrossblood.org and enter sponsor code: CapRotary to schedule your donation or call Bryan at 760-1562 for more information. Please participate — the Red Cross has announced a critical blood shortage and needs your help.
  • Several 5Ks coming up in the next 6 weeks – details to follow on email. Two I’d like us to really get behind are the “Tunnel to Tower” 9/11 memorial race and the Lukemia/Lymphoma race.
  • Robber has offered to head up or F3 Foundation efforts. The F3 Foundation is set up to receive donations and disperse those funds as determined by the local pax. Any money we raise here will be used here. More to follow, but I really think we have an amazing opportunity to leverage our membership for some positive contribution to this city, be it service projects, mentoring, or something different. If you have an idea of how we can make an impact, please share it.
  • Chaser has agreed to head up 3rd F efforts. He is exploring options and looking at what people in other F3 locations are doing. More to follow.
  • If you would like to assist with either of these areas, please get in contact with Robber and Chaser. Email [email protected] if you need their info.
  • The Facebook page is up and running. The weekly schedule will be prominently displayed and “pinned” to the top of the page each week.
  • Windmill has Thursday Q at #Brickpile, SubPrime on Saturday, and Robber on Tuesday (KB day). There will be a surprise virgin Q next Thursday. #MysteryAndSuspense


0 thoughts on “The Security Guard and #BaggerVance”

  1. With word already out I can now say I’m looking forward to a special 1 hour edition of down painment on the weekend Saturday.

  2. Thanks for the heads up SubPrime….as suspected, I am probably on vacation that day….family will be surprised at the sudden change in schedule….maybe I will just go somewhere on my own….who’s idea was it to give you a whole hour?

  3. Kim Jung, you are correct.
    Chaser, bite me. I ain’t playin’.
    Space, looking forward to your presence.
    SubPrime, it’s all you, baby.

  4. Would not miss it for the world…just my way of saying SubPrime does a great job at Q. In fact, there is not one that dissappoints….I really appreciate those that take on that job!

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