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#Swampfox: The Pax Splintered

27 men enter the Swamp Tuesday morning for a surprise Q from Splinter. When word spread before the workout more than one pax was heard to mutter “Can I still leave?”. Splinter’s new little tricks like starting off with 4 sets of suicides, Y-raises with the pavers and Shrugs with the #SwampBlocks showed that yes, they should have taken the chance to slink off under the cover of darkness.

Conditions: 76 with 87% humidity

The Thang:

800m warmup run around lower parking lot to basketball court.
Suicides 30 sec. 30sec rest
Suicides 30 sec. 30sec rest
Suicides 1 min. 45sec rest
Suicides 45 sec. 45 sec rest

Run to Chicora
Partner 30 Iron Cross
30 SL sit-ups OYO

Run to Hillside
100 Russian twists OYO

Run to Converse
Partner Race to Brick stacks

*Grab pavers and #Swampblocks*
COP on football field
Y-raise 12 4ct
Side raise 12 4ct
Speed curl 30 & pause hold last rep 30sec
Block curl 12
Rinse and repeat X3

Wide merkin 10 4ct
Block high pull 10 2ct
Military merkin 10 4ct
Partner block shrug 16 each


Ball of Man led by Snuggles


– Great first Q by Splinter. He was frustrated though. All first time Qs see the difficulty in smoothly moving the pax through a workout and maximizing the time. I’m worried about his next Q. More focus and planning will lead to more pain. Guaranteed.

– 8/3 Big Bang in Irmo at Seven Oaks Park. #Swampfox will send 4-5 guys out there for that. Try to make it out if you can on 8/3 and/or on 8/10.

– 8/3 Hot Summer Nights 5k at Hand Middle School at 7:30pm. Be there with your F3 gear on.

– Another first time Q on Thursday at SwampFox.

– I have not been able to get in touch with him but I believe Stain (John Johnston) had surgery yesterday to repair torn cartilege in his knee (NOT injured during F3). Please keep his recovery in your prayers. Hopefully he can get back out to the Swamp soon. UPDATE: Surgery went well and Stain is getting alot of #ReclinerTime right now. Shoot him a text or email to encourage him along the way. [email protected]; [email protected]

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  1. Nice workout today. I feel like I’ve sufficiently suffered from my two day cheat for a wedding this past weekend. #nomorespeedcurlsplease

  2. Great Q by Splinter. T-Claps to ZackAttack (FNG Alex Bryant) for gutting out his first workout. The only way it gets easier is if you keep coming back. Nice job.

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