• When: 4/20/13
  • QIC: Race
  • The PAX: Chaser, Beano, Heartbreaker, Sway, Seeker, and Beano's 2.0

The Quarry Crusher Run

5 Columbia pax (plus one 2.0) completed a Saturday Double Down by running the 2nd Annual Quarry Crusher Run at the Olympia Quarry.

The Thang:

3.5 mile race to the bottom of an active granite quarry and then back out again.


  • This was easily the coolest and hardest 5K(ish) I have ever run.
  • The road to the bottom of the quarry is wide and steep, at some points a 10% grade. The downhill portion on the gravely road was fast, and the uphill portion was brutal — 1.3 miles all uphill.
  • The bottom of the quarry is 399 feet below sea level, and the quarry has been active for nearly 100 years.

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