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Roscoe's Pain Train

25 faithful assembled in the DHS gloom as Roscoe took the Q and dished out the pain. After a brief warmup, it was off to the neighborhood streets for a “brisk” Indian Run with pain stations.

Conditions: 55 degrees and partly cloudy

The Thang:

SSH x50
LBC x30
Burpees x10 oyo

Indian Run – 2 Lines:
Stop 1 – Partner up, decline Merkins x10, incline sit-ups x10, Merkins on Planking partner x10

Stop 2 – Burpees x10, LBC x15, Merkins x10

Stop 3 – Plank sequence, Merkins x15, Freddie x15

Stop 4 – Merkins x 15, Russian Twist x20

Indian Run back to Upper Field for Strings of Fire:
End line to end line, run across, Burpees x10, LBC x10, Merkins x10, all o.y.o.
Rinse and repeat x3


Ball of Man: Roscoe led closing prayer


  • Solid work by Roscoe. Workout was deceptively hard. The pace of the Indian Run was brisk to say the least.
  • The loop we ran was about 2.5 miles.
  • Kotters to Mule and Padre! Good to have what’s left of you back.
  • S/O to Spud — trying hard and sticking with it.
  • Lots of guys posting for their second or third time — glad to see you back.
  • EM to the Haiti crowd: Mission, Apple, and Robber
  • Remember the 2nd F lunch at Lizard’s Thicket on Wednesday at Noon
  • Remember the open gym for basketball at Shandon Methodist Church, Wednesdays 0630-0730.


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  1. Great Q Roscoe, torrid pace…I was smoked in the first half mile…whats wrong with me? Wait, don’t answer that….

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