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The Pain Relay

28 souls with 2 FNGs posted in the Columbia doom on Thursday for a Chaser-led pain relay.

Conditions: 61 degrees and overcast

The Thang:

School lap 10 push-ups & 20 Chaser LBC each corner (3 corners)

25lbs plate down and back w/ 10 squat presses at turn (each man once)
Group alternates sets of push-ups, flutters, dive-bombers, plank, Chaser LBC changing on each man’s turn

Lap around school to #BrickPile

T-push-up (push-up brick row) 8 count x 10
Brick Jack Knifes (v-ups) x15
Kettle bell swing x 15
Superman/Aquaman with bricks x 10ea
Brick alternating shoulder raises x 26
Curl press blocks x 15
Forearm brick work: Curl x 25, Reverse Curl x 20, twist x 25, Curl x 15, Reverse curl x 15
Block Merkin x 10
Block Merkin pause halfway down x 10


Ball of Man


  • This was an upper body beat down. The bricks at the end were brutal.
  • With two pax older than him, honorary war baby status goes to Sled.
  • Discussions held about the Get In the Pink 10K and 5K on 5/11, and Mud Run sign ups starting soon.


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