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Logo's Loop on Steroids

21 pax arrived at Dreher unsure of exactly what the forthcoming pain would entail. After a brief but excruciating warm up, Logo led the assembled on an Indian Run with pain stations.

Conditions: 59 degrees with a light rain

The Thang:

Jog to upper field
SSH x 25
Little arm circles x 15
Merkins x 15
Little arm circles x 15
Sit ups x 25

Indian run to Heathwood Park with pain station
Diamond Merkins x 10
Flutters x 25
Oblique sit ups 2 x 10

Continue with run to park

Two groups
Group 1
Pull ups 10 -8-6-4-2

Group 2
Lunge walk on basketball court
Squats x 10
Lunge walk back
Squats x 10
Oblique sit ups x 10

Partner up for wheelbarrow down court with 10 decline Merkins
Switch up and head back

LBC x 20
Merkins x 12

Continue with Indian run back to DHS with stops for pain stations
Flutters x 20
SSH x15
Shadow boxing by Dr. Phil (Good)

Pain station 2
LBC x 15
Merkins x10

Pain station 3
Lunge walk x 20
Squats x10

Hop wall and mosey to Heartbreakers brick pile

Curls x 20
Curls with bricks x 20
Wide arm Merkins on bricks x 10
Bricks extension to side – hold for 20 secs x 2
Bricks extension in front – hold for 20 secs x 2
Curls with bricks x 10
Curls with blocks x 10

Jog to Hollywood Squares
Decline Merkins x 10
Step ups x 20


Ball of Man


  • Lots of EM’s today, including Roscoe, Crawlspace, and Seeker.
  • T-claps to Chaser, Mission, Wide Right, and Woody, all of whom stepped up to fill in Mud Run slots. Columbia has committed to FIVE teams for the Fall USMC Mud Run
  • The Get In the Pink 10K and 5K will be “official” events for F3 Columbia. We will assemble as normal, use the first 15-20 minutes as warm up, and go across the street to run the race as the completion of the workout. We will assemble as a group in honor of Clay Timbes.
  • Nagging injuries seem to be increasing among the Columbia pax. Remember to push yourself, but don’t overdo it. It’s better to be out a day or two than a month or two. #ReadTheDisclaimer
  • Registration for the Get In The Pink races can be found here www.GetInThePink.org
  • Results from the Mud Run can be found here http://www.usmcmudrun.org/PDFs/april%202013%20overall%20results.pdf
  • Kotters to Checker, Neighbor, Lambchop, and Stent


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