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Did he just say Burpees again?

38 pax gathered on a warm and foggy Tuesday morning at Dreher High to strengthen their minds, bodies and souls.

Conditions: 56 degrees dark and foggy

The Thang:

Lap around field


SSH  x 50
Flutters x 60
Burpees 10 per minute. 10 minutes
LBC x 20 with heal touch

Gorrilla Drill 40 yards x 2


1800 (1/2 mile)

Flutter Station x 30

1800 back

Flutter Station x 50
Burpee w/ a V UP  10,9,8,7,6,5

Flutters x 20 slow count



Ball of Man


38 Faithful’s on a Tuesday Morning!
3 FNG’s  one renamed from Isotope to Kim Jung per an executive decision
Beno asked to Q on Thursday,  he felt left out
Discussion  in COT about Cancer support run May 11th

CHASER:  went over the waiver and how people should push themselves but be safe. after screaming at everyone to push themselves and step it up in Chaser style

0 thoughts on “Did he just say Burpees again?”

    1. This was an attempt to distinguish between stopping an exercise to protect a pre-existing or current injury versus stopping because you’re just quitting. Only the individual knows but we looked to have alot of injury protection going on out there today.

  1. Your encouragement is appreciated Chaser…your delivery sometimes needs work, but your heart is golden in such matters…if you happen to see me “quit”, feel free to run alongside and push me through…in those moments I may not look happy, but in the end I will appreciate the fellowship….

    1. Thanks for the reply Space. My delivery is partly affected by being delivered between my own gasps for air and admittedly also by some frustration. The bottom line I think is that we’re all out there pushing ourselves and suffering together…or at least we’re supposed to be. What gets me is when those that are suffering through it to get better have to also suffer through a participant who is obviously not giving 100% (as in ran 100 yards of a 800m run and then walked, did the first 2 of a set of merkins and then stopped, quit on 2 of 10 burpees and then refused to do any more while also commenting as to how “stupid” burpees are). This “approach” not only wastes that participants time but is also a drain on the morale of the group in general. It’s hard enough to push through workouts sometimes but it’s harder when you look left and see someone taking the easy route. That’s my frustration.

    2. And, my frustration is never with you Space. If I asked the group what member consistently gives 100% day in and day out I’m sure your name would be mentioned more than any other. When you fail it is out of exhaustion and you continually push yourself past the point that most would. I’ve got a ton of respect for what you do out there.

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