• When: 4/20/13
  • QIC: Sway and Logo
  • The PAX: Logo, Chaser, JLo, Dr. Phil, Bluegrass, Windmill, Sunshine, Draino (FNG Josh Daniels), Sled, Sway, Seeker, Noodle, Crawlspace, Grease Trap (FNG Hampton Oliver), Staccato, Silver Bullett, Heartbreaker, Beano, Cheesy, Mississippi, plus 20 2.0s

First Ever 2.0 Day

21 Columbia faithful posted in the Dreher High School gloom along with 20 2.0 ranging from 4 to 14. Despite the youth movement, the assembled pax received a solid workout and a fantastic morning with some great kids.

Conditions: 58 degrees and partly cloudy

The Thang:

Warmup lap around school

SSH x20
Merkins x15
LBC x20
Wide arm Merkins x15
Freddie Mercury x20
Imperial Walker x20
Hello Dolly x20
SSH x20
LBC x10
Squats x20

Lap around school, stop at Great Wall
People’s Chair :60
Squats x15
People’s Chair :60

Run to Heartbreakers Brickpile, adults get blocks, kids get red bricks
Curls x20
Rows x20
Merkins x15

Move to parking lot
LBC x15
Plank work

Back to Brickpile:
Curls x15
Rows x15
Merkins x10

Mosey to Soccer Field:
Bear crawl x4
Bear crawl race – kids
Bear crawl race – adults
[Rinse and repeat]

Tire flips – adults on big tire, kids on small tire

Form 4 lines:
Bunny hops twice through
Plank work

Flutter Kicks x41 (crowd pleaser with kids)

Run to Hollywood Squares for COT


Ball of Man


  • This was an awesome morning. The kids had a great time and really participated well. More than one complained on Sunday about being sore. #Victory
  • The kids have no concept of “pace,” a good lesson to the rest of us.
  • Mississippi did most of the running with his 2.0 on his back.
  • Two FNGs certainly picked a “different” day for their first post!
  • TClaps to Mission, Apple, and Robber who didn’t miss their Saturday workout while on a mission trip to Haiti — F3 International.
  • Our first 2.0 day was a success and will be repeated!

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