• When: 2/23/13
  • QIC: Chaser
  • The PAX: Heartbreaker, Sunshine (FNG Darren Foy), Major BS, Tugger, Chaser, Sled, Sway, Woody (sorta - 1/2 credit), Logo, Turtle Wax, Stent, Jordache, Crawlspace, Low Dot

The Few and the Proud (and the Drenched)

A flood of Biblical proportions? Maybe not, but you’d have a hard time convincing that to the 14 pax who gathered at DHS on Saturday. Chaser was prepared for his virgin Q and did not disappoint, but in the end we were soaked to the bone by a heavy rain that did not let up.

Conditions: 39 degrees with heavy, constant rain.

The Thang:

Chaser took the shovel flag and led the pax along a 2-mile route through the Heathwood neighborhood. The flag is the pace. Don’t pass the flag bearer. Run to Heathwood park and back, pain stations along the way. Different flag bearers after each station. Stay together as a team.

Pain Stations:
1) Max Merkins :30, max sit-ups (with partner) :30, max Merkins :30

2) Same as #1

3) Max Wide Merkins x:30, Iron Cross (partner), Max Wide Merkins

4) [Woody’s Front Yard] SSH x25 calling out Woody

5) [Sled’s front yard] Jungle Bois x18, Max Incline Merkins (partner) — Woody joined

6) Pull ups/Chin ups with partner, 5 sets x5, partner assist if needed

7) [Logo’s front yard] SSH x25, Low Plank – L/R arm raises

8) Flutter kicks x41

9) Wide Merkins x :30, sit-ups (partner) x:30, wide Merkins x:30

10) iron cross w/partner :30, Merkins x:30, Freddie x15 (IC), LBC x15, Boat/canoe x3, High Knees x15, Merkins x15

11) [Mel’s Front Yard] SSH x25

12) [Wall Street] People’s Chair x:90, Merkins in the mud x10


Ball of Man: Chaser led closing prayer.


  • Massive fartsacking in Columbia, but it’s understandable considering even the ducks took shelter this morning. Still no excuse, however.
  • A hard steady rain began around 0630 and did not let up until about 0900.
  • Chaser’s route passed by the homes of a handful of our members, including a fartsacking Woody. The SSHs while calling his name rousted his 2.0’s who in turn rousted Woody. He joined us at the next pain station. Similar mission unsuccessful at Mel’s house.
  • The pax in the front yard was a treat for 2.0s of Logo and Sled.
  • Sled (wearing fogged up glasses): “I need windshield wipers. Y’all tell me if you make a turn ’cause I can’t see a thing.”
  • War Baby Jordache posted in his jeans again and completed the entire workout wearing them. A proposal was made to take up a collection to get this broke college student some proper gear.
  • T-claps to FNG Sunshine who has caught significant ribbing during EH process in recent weeks. He posted today, his EHers did not. #Level10-UA #clifffake
  • Epstein’s Mothers to Dr. Phil, Tajh, Mission, and Robber. Everybody else: FARTSACKER
  • This workout was awesome. The pax following the flag singing Jodies through the neighborhood, waking up the kids, calling out missing pax, in the pouring rain — it was a sight to behold. Well done Chaser!


  • Order your F3 Columbia shirt – quantities are limited.
  • 5Ks coming up: St. Pats, Quarry Run


Mark June 19th on your calendars. Regrettably, Beano/Major BS is being reassigned by the army. His change of command ceremony is June 19 at Fort Jackson. Details to follow.

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