• When: 2/21/13
  • QIC: Tajh
  • The PAX: Tonto (LIFO), Tajh, Heartbreaker, Mission, Roscoe, Logo, Dr. Phil, Cutler, Lizard Man, Wide Right, Flicker (FNG Jamie Hubbard), Stunt, Cheesy, Wingnut (FNG Grant Fordham), Hammy, Puddin', Woody, Pele', Rosebud, Greenpeace, Moon River, Jordache (War Baby), Seeker, Robber, Tugger, Flossy, Crawlspace, Chaser, Mule, Silver Bullet, Sled (War Daddy), Beano/Major BS, Stent, Sway, Heist, Padre

A Couple o' Bricks Shy of a Full Load

A massive crowd of 36 assembled under a star-filled sky at Dreher High School. The shovel flag was planted, Tajh took the Q and led the pax on a brick-filled jaunt through the gloom, pausing only to give Major BS an opportunity to be a wanker. #ironsharpensiron

Conditions: 37 degrees and clear

The Thang:

Warmup run through schoolyard — watch out for the soccer goals #readthedisclaimer

SSH x30
IW x30
8-Count Body Builders x5
Airborne Flutters — Major BS — x82
High Knees x20

Move: Heartbreaker’s Brickpile, get block and 2 bricks:
Curls x20
Bench Press x20
Curls w bricks x20
Merkins x14
Dips x10
Tricep curls with bricks x20

Move: Thunder Dome
Suicides — every line and fence x3, Merkins x15 and LBC x20 in between

Move: Upper Field — 6MOM
Rowing crunches x20
Freddie x 20
LBC x20
In and Out x20
Airborne Flutters — Major BS — x82

Move: Heartbreaker’s Brickpile:
Curls x20
Bench Press x20
Curls w bricks x20
Dips x10
Tricep curls with bricks x20


Ball of Man: Tajh led ending prayer


  • Great group this morning! Big numbers and spirited pax.
  • Another Lowe’s run is necessary — largest crowd ever to use cinder blocks and we were two short
  • Solid Q by Tajh. However, his decision to call on Major BS for Airborne Flutters not once but TWICE leaves doubts about his sanity. #notfitforcommand I will put Columbia up against anybody in a flutter kick contest. 164 this morning means we’ll be feeling it tomorrow.
  • Comments that Major BS needed some kind of therapy were met with delight by Dr. Phil. #offeredhisservices
  • Welcome back Jordache! Good to have our denim-clad War Baby back with us, and this time in appropriate attire.
  • Kotters to Tugger, back from the merchant seaways! #theweathersbetterincolumbia
  • Perennial War Daddy Sled has done amazing EH work. T-claps to you, brother!
  • Congratulations on 2nd posts today from Moon River, Hammy, Jordache — maybe a couple more. You come once  for curiosity, you come back because you realize what you’ve got your hands on. The 2nd F will keep you around.
  • Chaser has the Q Saturday. #Virgin. This one should be special and one you remember for a long time. Let’s work hard to EH those guys on the fence.
  •  Let’s also make a big effort to hit the Thicket in a big way on Saturday. April misses you.
  • Finally, Mission wants to look into a GORUCK Challenge in Columbia. We will be discussing this insanity in coming weeks, perhaps over eggs and coffee at the Thicket.

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