• When: 3/16/13
  • QIC: Logo
  • The PAX: Logo, Linoleum (FNG Marshall Martin), Roscoe, Snookie (FNG Darren Greene), Nap, Low Dot, Chaser (WB), Woody, Cheesy, Promo, Noodle, Cutler, Seeker, Mission, Robber, Sway, Crawlspace, Beano, Termite, Dr. Phil, Lamb Chop, Silver Bullet

The Dislocated Downtown Apocolypto

As the Shriners and marching bands and six-year-old beauty queens all dressed in sequins and green arrived in our AO, 22 faithful F3ers converged on the South Carolina State House for a little field trip. Logo took the helm and led the pax on a weaving jaunt around the grounds and straight up Main Street, pain stations a-plenty along the way, before handing off to Sway for some granite step pain.

Conditions: 58 degrees, clear

The Thang:

From Trinity parking lot, jog south on Sumter St., Right turn on Greene St., Head up south entrance of Capitol grounds
Jog around grounds to COT at old glory.


SSH x 25
Squats x 20
Merkins x15
LBC x 15
Wide arm Merkins x 10

Jog around grounds with 4 pain stations (plank when done – no man left behind)
1. Merkins x 20
2. Burpees x 7
3. Flutters kicks x 20
4. Lunge walk x 20

Plank with right/left arms up

Depart grounds and head north on Main St.
Main and Lady – hello dolly x 20
Main and Washington – LBC x20

Jog to Museum of Art
Dips x 12 at the fountain

Step ups x15 each leg
Partner up with decline Merkins x 15
Golden Crosses x 15
Lunge walk x 20

Jog back to Capitol grounds and turnover to Sway

Stairway to Heaven:
Step Jumps: Jump to first step, jump back down. 2nd step, down, etc. to 4 steps. Repeat.
Step Run – touch every step up, jog down
Step Run – touch every other step up, jog down
Step Lunges – three step lunges up, jog down
Wheelbarrow Step Climb – partner up, wheelbarrow to 2nd landing, jog down, flapjack
Step Hops – hop to every step
Speed Work – touch every step with both feet up, jog down

Six Minutes of Mary – Dealer’s Choice
Boat Canoe x4
Freddie x20
Imperial Walker x20
LBC x20
Flutters x50
Silver Surfers x15


Ball of Man


  • Since Dreher High School was used as the staging ground for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, we elected to move the workout rather than contend with the silliness. The State House was a great choice, and I think we will do that again in the future, maybe on a regular basis.
  • There are 50 granite steps at the State House. 5-0.
  • Logo surprised everyone with the trip to the art museum fountain. We attracted quite a crowd of onlookers at the plaza.
  • Chaser’s unsolicited advice of “Don’t talk to cops” left many wondering about his past.
  • Running as a group behind the waving flag never gets old. It was especially cool for Dr. Phil whose M and 2.0s happened to be at the church parking lot when we returned. And he happened to be carrying the flag and leading the pax. I can only imagine how proud of their daddy they were.
  • There was intended to be a pain station at the top of each step run. When we reached the top, however, we discovered a gentleman bivouacked there. He was startled by the 24 faithful thundering onto the terrace an interrupting his slumber, and he gathered his things and departed, grumbling as he left. Sorry to wake you, pal.
  • The surprise of the day came during SMM when Crawlspace called and demonstrated Silver Surfers. No one — and I mean NO ONE — thought he could get air like that.


  • Rosewood 5K at Memorial Stadium on April 13 — this is one of Promo’s events. Sign up at www.StrictlyRunning.com. This is a double down opportunity
  • Quarry Run is April 20th
  • Wednesday 2ndF lunch will be at Lizard’s Thicket on ELMWOOD this week.

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  1. Always appreciate the posts Sway, in fact I look forward to re-living the pain…always glad to surprise the Pax….

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