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Fresh And Fit

AO: -Bunker
Q: Backstop, Jar Jar, Birthday Suit, Quaker
PAX: Jar Jar, Birthday Suit, Quaker, Backstop
FNGs: None
WARMUP: -side, straddle hop 1-Burpee
Hillbillies- 2 Burpee little baby arm circles -3 Burpee’s fast slow Merkin- 4 Burpee’s helicopter squats 5- burpees

THE THANG: baseball ⚾️ field Indian run around baseball field. Bear crawled to 1-base crab wall 2-second base bear crawl the 3-base crab walk to home plate. 5- Burpee’s at home plate.

1 min gorilla shuffle back-and-forth.
1- min of walking  plank back-and-forth on line
1min toe taps speed drills

For 10 minutes ran up and down hill and did 2 exercises. Top of the hill was 11 hand release Merkins. The bottom was monkey Humpers 1

The last 4 minutes played Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) jogged in place when we heard (everybody dance now ) we did lunges and squats, and also Burpee’s.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: north-east convergent 2/25 Westwood 180 turkey farm road @bayou
COT:- praying for backstop new job opportunity and praying for all the f3 guys run damn to Dan today.

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