• When: 12/15/12
  • QIC: Sway
  • The PAX: Cutler, Heartbreaker, Nap, Tahj, Logo, Mission, Noodle, Neighbor, Apple (FNG Adam Dougherty), Pink, Checker, Mel, Stent (FNG Bryan Royson), Mule (War Baby), Yellow Hat (War Daddy), Padre, Sway

The 7th Minute's Free

17 pax entered the DHS gloom as Sway led the faithful on a super-hero inspired workout (a work still in progress).

The Thang:

Warmup lap around school
SSH x30
Merkins x10
LBC x15
LAC x15 each way
High Knees x20
Butt Kicks x20
George Rogers x42
Imperial Walkers x25
Silver Surfer Jump Lunges x15
Boy Wonder Dry Docks x10
Wide arm Merkins x10
In and Outs x10

Mosey to Hollywood Squares
Step ups x10 each leg
Diamond Merkins x10
1-leg Bench Lunge x15 each leg
Dips x15
Decline Merkins x10
Box Jumps x10
Rockettes x15 each leg
Iron Man Crunch x10

Wall Street:
Plastic Man Shuffle x3
People’s Chair x:90
Squats x15
People’s Chair x:90
Jungle Boi squats x18

Ball Of Man:
Sway called the group together, said a few words, and Mission led a prayer for the families affected in the senseless evil in Newtown, CT on Friday.

Jog to Upper Field:
Hulk Tire Rolls x5 (3-man team, other plank while waiting turn)
The Flash sprints – sprint across field, backwards run back, repeat twice.
Karaoke across and back.

Six Minutes if Mary – Dealer’s Choice:
Logo: LBC x15
Cutler: Boat/Canoe x4
Tahj: Superman Crunch x15
Checker: Low Flutter x15
Mission: Russian Twist x15
Heartbreaker: Diamond Merkins x10
Mel: Rosalita x15
Neighbor: Bows and Toes x10
Sway: Cobra Stretch

Jog to Shovel Flag



  • Kotter’s to Pink and Cutler

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