• When: 12/13/12
  • QIC: Roscoe
  • The PAX: Roscoe, Mission, Tahj (WB), Checker (WD), Heartbreaker, Sway

Only Fat Gets Cold

Six Faithful gathered in the soggy swampland of the Dreher High School Proving Grounds and braved the wind and cold as Roscoe put us through the paces of a solid mid-week workout. Apparently, he’d dialed up a killer, but with the small turnout he decided to save that one for Saturday. The pax are waiting with baited breath.

The Thang:

Warmup run twice around school.

SSH x30
Merkins x15
Imperial Walkers x25
LBC x15
Little Arm Circles x25 each way
Mountain Climbers x15

Jog to Sideline
Lunge walk to opposite side
LBC x10

Hollywood Squares:
Step Ups x20 alternating legs
Dips x10
Incline Merkins x10
Decline Merkins x10
One leg lunges x10 each leg
Belt Kicks x31

COP for Mary (Tahj on Q):
Flutter x15
Rosalita x15
Freddie Mercury x15
Toe reach x15
Regular Old Sit-ups x15
Aqua man  x15
Rowboat x15

10 Burpees

People’s chair x:90
Prisoner Squats x15



  • This was the first truly bad weather day for us. It’s been cold before, but today was cold and raining and windy. Sway was first to arrive and admittedly was hoping no one else would show — the fartsack was calling loudly. There was some discussion about the elements and whether to proceed. One comment was “what would Crotch Rocket say.” The response was “He’d say to get your _____ ______ _______ (posteriors) in gear and stop being a _____ ______ _____ (female anatomy).”  Additional comments of our military serving in less-than-favorable conditions seemed to bolster the pax, and we began.
  • Roscoe called for little arm circles. At about number 12, a comment was made about these being deceptive. At about 20, Checker called “Ah, there it is.” There was significant displeasure during the 2nd set and during the merkins which immediately followed.

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