• When: 12/11/12
  • QIC: Sway
  • The PAX: Logo, Mel, Tahj, Checker, Roscoe, Mission, Neighbor, Sway, Heartbreaker, Mule (FNG and War Baby Travis Pearson), Padre (FNG Josh McClendon)

Embrace What You Hate

Hate is a corrosive thing. It seeps into your subconscious and contaminates all that is good. You can either let the hate consume you, or you can embrace the thing you hate until it’s no longer an issue. The 11 pax who posted in Columbia this morning helped QIC  Sway and his swirling snakes start down his road to eliminating demons, beginning with his two least favorite exercises: running and burpees.

The Thang:

Warmup Jog TWICE around school

SSH x25
Imperial Walker x25
Merkins x10 (Plus 2 Burpees)
LBC x15 (+2)
Mountain Climbers x15 (+2)

Jog to end line of football practice field:
Jacobs ladder x7 (run to opposite end, burpees decreasing from 7, run back, repeat), early finishers plank until end

Mary (Heartbreaker on Q):
LBC x12
Dolly x12
Rosalita x12 (+2)
Freddie Mercury x12 (+2)
Diamond Merkins x10 (+2)

Hollywood Squares
Step Ups x10 each leg (+2)
Dips x10 (+2)

Wall Street
People’s Chair x:90
Prisoner Squats x12
People’s Chair x:90
Prisoner Squats x15 (+2)



  • Lots of running. Sway was disappointed no merlot was spilled.
  • 46 burpees total, a new single-workout benchmark for Columbia
  • Is there a word in the lexicon for someone who recruits an FNG (who shows up) and then fails to post himself? If not there should be. Welcome Josh and Travis!
  • Roscoe will take the Q on Thursday


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