• When: 12/8/12
  • QIC: Sway
  • The PAX: Mission, Woody, Tahj, Heartbreaker, Nap (WB), Roscoe, Boss Hogg (WD), Checker, Logo, Neighbor, Mel, Noodle, Romney, Yellow Hat, Spud, Sway

No football, no problem

16 faithful gathered at the shovel flag in the early morning Dreher High School gloom to mourn the first Saturday without college football. Despite what our brothers north of the Carolina border might believe, hoops cannot fill the void. We took out our frustrations on the Dreher proving grounds.

The Thang:

Warmup lap around school
SSH x30
Merkins x10
Little Arm Circles forward x20
LAC backward x20
Imperial Walkers x25
Butt Kicks x25
Wide Merkins x10
George Rogers Shuffle x38
High Knees x 25
CDD x10
LBC x15
Vertical Jumps x10

Football Shuffle Sprints x6

Job to Heartbreaker’s Brick Pile for Brick-o- Rama
Calf raises x20 each leg
Brick Curls x10
Goblet Squats x10
Standing Brick Pass x32
Seated Brick Pass x20
Pick Em up Put Em Down x10
Merkins on Block x10

Jog to soccer field
Lunge walk across
Rockettes x20 each leg
Frog jumps
Bear crawl
Crab Walk
Backwards Run

Jog to Upper Field for Mary
(Heartbreaker on Q)
LBC x10
Dolly x10
Rosalita x10
Freddie Mercury x10
Partner Leg Throws x10
Superman while singing “Rudolph”
Diamond Merkins x10

Wall Street:
People’s Chair x:90
Sprint across field
Burpees x5
Sprint back
Repeat (twice total)

Jog to Shovel Flag



  • Kotters to Boss Hogg, Roscoe, and Romney, and to Tahj coming back from the flu
  • Happy Birthday to Romney!
  • Bulk gear order and New Year’s Day recruiting workout discussed — Time to put the emotional headlock on friends and get them out to join us

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