• When: 12/27/12
  • QIC: Sway
  • The PAX: Roscoe, Woody, Tonto (FNG Ryan Pearson), Mule, Cutler, Heartbreaker, Stent, Logo, Mel, Sway, Noodle

That's How You Know It's Working

In 22 workouts thus far in Columbia, none of the fledgling F3-ers have spilled merlot, and that’s an interesting fact. What does it mean? The 11 pax assembled this morning in the frigid Dreher High School gloom nearly found out.

The Thang:

Lap around school

SSH x25
Mummy kicks x15
Merkins x10
Imperial Walker x25
Little Arm Circles  x15 each
Big Arm Circles  x10 each
Butt Kicks x15
High Knees x15
LBC x15

Burpees x10

Lap around school

Hollywood Squares:
Wide arm Merkins
Step ups x10 each way
Dips x10
One-leg lunge x10 each way
Iron Man Crunches x10

Sprint across/backward run back
Karaoke across/back
Sprint across/backward run back

Wall Street:
Asstastic Leg Raises x20
Zipper x3
People’s Chair x:60
Diamond Merkins x10
People’s Chair x:60
Jungle Bois x18

LBC x15
Rosy x10
Flutter x10
Dolly x10
Freddie x10
Aquaman x10
Cobra Stetch
Low plank



  • Sway: “I almost puked.” Logo: “That’s how you know it’s working.”
  • With one session left in 2012, Columbia has had more than 50 men attend at least one workout for the first time and have totaled more than 270 individual workouts. A core group of 15-20 has emerged.
  • For the record, sprints and running suck. T-claps to Heartbreaker for stepping in to call the workout while Sway recovered from dry heaves.
  • Today’s backblast could have had several titles: “Full Moon Fever” and “I Feel Fat as a Christmas Turkey” were strongly considered
  • Welcome back Roscoe and Mel. Glad y’all are feeling better.
  • Welcome to Ryan (Tonto) Pearson, brother of Mule. We look forward to seeing you again.


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