• When: 12/29/12
  • QIC: Sway
  • The PAX: Heartbreaker, Tahj, Logo, Mel, Mule (WB), Noodle, Apple, Robber (FNG Sean Rankin), Mississippi, Spud, Sway (WD)

11 Frogs a Swimmin'

Ducks, frogs, fish, and alligators are better equipped to handle the swampy muck that was the Columbia AO this morning. Heavy overnight rains left nary a dry spot anywhere on the Dreher High School campus, and standing water on the fields forced the 11 faithful brave enough to post to find concrete and asphalt to avoid swimming. Despite best efforts, everyone ended up soaked to the bone.

The Thang:

Warmup lap around school

CDD x10
SSH x25
IW x25
Merkins x10
Butt Kicks x20
High Knees x20
Squat Kicks x15
LBC x15
Wide-Arm Merkins x10
Burpees x10

Heartbreakers Brickpile:
Calf Raises x15 each
Curls x10
Triceps overhead x10
Grips each way
Goblet Squats x15
Russian Twists x10
Moving Merkins x6
Rows x15
Pick em Up, Put Em Down x10

Jog to Tennis Courts:
Ski Hops x20
Suicides x5
Rockettes x15 each
Log Jumps x15

LBC x15
Dolly x10
Rosy x10
Freddie x10
Low Scissors x10
Superman Crunch x10
Up Downs x10 each way
High Plank/Arm raises each way
Asstastic leg raises x10 each

Back to Brickpile – red bricks:
Backward Lunges x10 each
Swings x10
Flys x10
Press/Iron Cross x10
Open Arm Curls x15

Jog back to Hollywood squares



  • The 11 gathered today were disappointed with the poor turnout for a Saturday, but agreed that if ever there was a day for fartsacking, it was today. T-claps to FNG Robber for his first post under such adverse conditions.
  • Dredd will be here January 19th.
  • Ever innovating, we made use of the pile of red bricks. Some exercises were better than others, and we will refine.
  • Construction of much needed pull up bars was discussed.

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  1. YupYup, and I’ll be in my second week of the #PieHole #CSAUP that is the #DetoxChallenge, so I’ll be hungry, motivated and maybe just a wee bit sad.

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