• When: 12/24/12
  • QIC: Tahj
  • The PAX: Mule (WB), Tahj, Mission, Sway, Heartbreaker, Cutler, Mel, Neighbor (WD), Nap, Stent, Padre, Noodle, Chaser

Everything's Upside Down

13 Faithful at Dreher High School were treated to a workout that had a completely opposite feel of recent sessions — that’s the benefit of a different QIC!! Tahj started us off with a quintet of burbees and then straight into sprints. By the time 45 minutes had passed, we were gassed, but after the downPAINment, we’ll fell a little less guilty about that second plate of Christmas dinner!

The Thang:

Burpees x5
Sprint across field, do exercise, run back, do exercise:
Merkins x10
CDD x10
Imperial Walker x20
High knees x20

Bear crawl
Run to wall:
Balls to Wall
Vertical Merkins x5

Peter Parker’s x10
Low Flutter x15
Crunchy Frogs x10
LBC x15
Freddie x15
Russian Twist x15
Superman Crunch x10
Superman/Aquaman x15
Cobra Stretch

Run around school – 1 lap

Hollywood Squares:
Dips x15
Iron Man crunch x15
Plank pull-ups x10
Zipper runs x3
People’s chair x:90
Prisoner squats x15
Diamond Merkins x10

Run around school – 1 lap



  • The lap at the end replaced the one normally at the beginning, and the lap in the middle was just painful. The Balls to the Wall and vertical merkins were not met with enthusiasm.
  • Apologies to any who did not receive the memo re: this morning. It was decided on Saturday to go today rather than miss five straight days. Normal Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday schedule will resume after Christmas.
  • Kotters to Mel, Neighbor, and Noodle — glad you are back.
  • The plank pull-ups on the underside of the Zipper were a great idea, but for many the gap was to narrow for unfettered movement. We will keep innovating and experimenting until we have utilized to its fullest every asset and obstacle available to us at DHS. I wish we had a track and bleachers.
  • F3 gear was prominently visible this morning. Tclaps to Malkovich for coordinating the orders!
  • Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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