• When: 12/22/12
  • QIC: Sway
  • The PAX: Chaser, Okra or possibly Accident (FNG John Reynolds), Beamer, Padre, Mule (WB), Coach (FNG Jamie McCutcheon), Tahj, Cutler, Roscoe, Heartbreaker, Logo, Yellow Hat (WD), Mission, Apple, Mississippi, Noodle, Spud, Nap, Sway

Hammer Time

19 pax gathered in the frigid pre-dawn gloom at Dreher High School for a strength session that resembled a construction site. Using scaffolds, blocks, and sledge hammers, Sway led those assembled on a beatdown that smoked the QIC. We’ll be feeling this one tomorrow. And maybe still on Monday.

The Thang:

SSH x25
IW x25
Merkins x15
LAC x15 each way
Butt Kicks x20
High Knees x20
Switch Kicks x10
Level 1 Drills x4

Jog to Scaffold — teams of 4:
Right arm across, press x10
Left arm back, press x10
Both arms Squats x10 (ic)
Heartbreaker’s Brick Pile:
Curls x10
Goblet Squats x10
Merkins on Block x10
Russian Twist with block x10
Pick em up/Put em Down x10
Asstastic Flutters x10
Tire Stations:
(Teams of 4, rotating)
1. 2-man tire flips x10
2. Thor’s Hammer x10 (sledge hammer on tire – R and L)
3. Burpees x15
4. Lunge Walks across field, backwards run back x2
5. Ski Jumps over Blocks x15 (ic)

Mary — x10 each
Low Flutter
Obliques (both sides)
High plank, arm up (both)
Plank Punches

Cobra stretch

Jog to Hollywood Squares
Dips x10
Step ups x10 each leg
Zipper x4
People’s Chair x:60
Jungle Bois x18



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