• When: 12/20/12
  • QIC: Mission
  • The PAX: Mission, Padre, Mule, Logo, Heartbreaker, Sway, Chaser (FNG Jason Reynolds), Stent, Woody

Capital City Snooze Fest

6, then 7, no! 8! and now 9! gathered at the shovel flag as snooze buttons were in frequent use in Columbia this morning. Mission took over and led a brisk and painful session with much less extraneous excitement than on Tuesday.

The Thang:

Two laps around the school.

High Knees x20
Little Arm Circles x15 each way
Merkins x10
Butt Kicks x20
LBC x15

Jacobs Ladder
Goal Line to Goal Line, Burpees 7 to 1

Hollywood Squares:
Step ups or Jump ups: your choice
Dips x15
Wide Merkins x10

Wall Street:
People’s Chair x:90
Squats (arms out) x15
People’s Chair x:90
LBC x15
Low  Flutter x15
Asstastic Low Planks x15
Cobra Stretch



  • Welcome back Woody!
  • Walking Wounded: Spud, Mel, Checker all out nursing injury. Roscoe battling flu.
  • Perhaps Malkovich should have a bulk order for alarm clocks – Sway, Heartbreaker, and Padre all a little tardy for the party this morning.
  • DHS has no hills and no bleachers, but it does have a football practice field. 100 yards x14 on Jacobs Ladder should make up for lack of incline
  • Mission insisted on “Asstastic Low Planks,” citing Vince Vaughn as a source. For now, it will stay.

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