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Thank you, sir. May I have another?

Conditions: Very clear with LOTS of Stars!

20 hearty souls entered the gloom in Irmo this AM full of energy; ready to continue pushing the limits of Strut as a the midweek attendance record was broken not only for total attendance, but also for FNG’s.

The Thang:

Jog to grassy area in front of tennis courts


SSH X 25
IW X 20
Arm Circles X 10 F & X 10 B
Squats X 20
Floyd Mayweathers X 10
Merkins X 10
CLBC’s X 20
Werkins X 10
Flutter Kicks X 20
Diamond Merkins X 10
Iron Cross w/partner X 20 (flap jack)
Merkins X 20 (Varied speed)

Jog to school parking lot

Complete following exercises as a group. Share reps once first sprinters return. High plank until all finished with sprint.

50 SSH + sprint
50 merkins + sprint
50 lunges + sprint
50 situps + sprint
50 burpees + sprint

Lap around school parking lot.

Jog back to parking lot.



You just can’t turn up the intensity too high for the Strut Brigade. It’s almost as if these guys like to be brutalized. Most friends send you a text that says something like, “Hey, man.” or “How are you doing?” I get messages from Strut guys that say, “You just kicked my tail. Thank you!” and “Man, I’m already sore from that workout. That was great! I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL THURSDAY!”

To say these guys are tough would be an understatement. Keep up the good work!


Pole Climber has his Inaugural Q on Thursday. I predict bear crawls.

Napalm and Neck Brace are preparing a tag-team cage match for the pax on Saturday. It will likely be a no-holds-barred affair.

A run group will meet starting Wednesday AM at the Blockbuster on St. Andrews Road at 5:45. Refer to Sway’s email for the details.

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