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Governor's Cup Half Marathon Training Update – 9/14-15

12 of our committed pax tested their endurance on our first weekend “long” run. Our 8-week training regimen commenced this week which is to say keep doing what you are doing with the #Amble workouts and add a long run over the weekend to complete your week. This weekend we explored the outermost portion of the half-marathon route looping through the familiar territory of Lake Katherine on a 7.17 mile jaunt. Nine of us conquered the route during the Saturday #convergence workout while the remaining three, under Chaser and Fountainhead’s lead, set out on a pre-church Sunday morning stroll.

Conditions: Unseasonably cool both mornings; ideal

The Thang:

7.17 mile run through Heathwood, Lake Katherine, Heathwood, and Shandon. Depart DHS heading east on Devine St.  Turn left onto Kilbourne and follow all the way across Beltline and Brennen Road.  Turn left onto Sanford and then right onto Kathwood.  Follow Kathwood all the way to Woodlake and turn left onto Woodlake.  Follow Woodlake until turning right onto Carter Hill.  Continue on Carter Hill and turn right onto Forest Ridge.  Next is a left onto Quail Lane and then a right onto Shady Lane.  Follow Shady Lane all the way to the end and turn right onto Kilbourne.  Follow Kilbourne to the top of the hill, through Brennen Road, through Beltline Blvd, through Devine Street, before turning right onto Wheat Street.  Follow Wheat to Ott and turn right onto Ott Rd.  Cross Devine on Ott and end at DHS.


  • This was a good first test for our trainees.  The vast majority of our runners finished with a pace between 8:00/mile and 8:30/mile which is very good at this stage of our training. 
  • YHC thinks all pax would agree that we’d gladly accept the weather dished up for our first weekend run on November 9th.
  • T-Claps to our 9 runners Saturday that willingly participated in a mini-Mary session while the #convergence workout concluded.
  • T-Claps also to Snuggles as he ran our course solo Saturday afternoon.
  • Get some rest and take in some fluids as week 2 of our program begins tomorrow (Monday) morning with our speed #Amble workout at the track at Owens Field. 


  • Mud Run is coming up on 10/12. Sway is running the wait list and more than likely there will be some guys who have to drop in the next few weeks so please let him know if you are interested. [email protected]
  • Governor’s Cup is 11/9. Commit now and workout at Amble to get ready. Pre-Blast by Fountainhead is now up and a training plan (SET TO LAUNCH THIS WEEK) is now in effect. Please check out the pre-blast at http://f3nation.com/2013/09/10/pre-blast-governors-cup-13-1/. Our first weekend (long) run is this weekend (7 miles) with Saturday (Sub Prime leads) and Sunday (Chaser leads) runs starting at Dreher at 6:45 AM. So far, commits are:
    3.Fountain Head
    9.Yellow Cake
    11.Kim Jung
    16.Costanza’s M
  • 3rdF efforts are under way. TB is taking the lead. Please let him know if you are interested in helping or getting involved. Contact him at [email protected] Please reference yesterday’s email from the F3Columbia email address for more details. FIRST MEETING IS THIS TUESDAY AT 8 PM AT TB’S HOME. More information and directions to follow.

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