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Tag Team Smackdown

38 thrill seekers met up at Seven Oaks Park for what promised to be a challenging workout. What they didn’t realize was that a tag-team duo awaited them in the gloom with the intention of delivering a beatdown similar to the punishment dished out inside the squared circle. 


The Thang:

Jog to baseball ball field  



SSH x20

IW x20

Merkins x20

Windmills x20

LBC x20

Jump over 5′ outfield wall


Jog to the Football Field

Line up on goal line

Walking lunges to 10 yard line 10 Burpees on your own

Lunge to 20 yard line 20 Carolina Dry Docks OYO

Lunge to 30 yard line 30 Merkins (x15 IC)

Lunge to 40 yard line 40 LBC (x20 IC)

Lunge to 50 yard line 50 Squats (x25 IC)

Bear crawl to 40 yard line 40 Low flutter (x20 IC)

Bear crawl to 30 yard line 30 Merkins (x15 IC)

Bear crawl to 20 yard line 20 Russian twists (x10)

Bear crawl to 10 yard line 10 Up-downs

Bear crawl to goal line

Line up on goal line and sprint 100 yards back to starting goal line

Mosey to concession stand building

Spider man x10

People’s chair 60 seconds

Balls to the wall 5 OYO

People’s chair 60 seconds

Decline merkins x10

People’s chair 60 seconds


Jog to shelter

Step ups 20 each leg OYO

Dips x20

Step ups 20 each leg OYO

Incline merkins x15

Step ups 20 each leg OYO

Sprint down the hill and back up 3x

Jog to baseball field


Six minutes of Mary

Plank jacks x10

Low plank merkins x10

Russian Twist x10

LBC x10

Squirms x10

Homer to Marge x10  




Great tag-team effort by Napalm and Neck Brace today. They mixed up the workout well and shook things up with some new exercises for the group. The pain had already began to set in at coffeeteria when I overheard one of the pax say that he didn’t know if he would be able to get up from the breakfast table without some assistance. Well done, sirs.

Strut continues to thrive with 6 FNG’s, including Napalm’s 12 year old 2.0 who absolutely dominated the workout! Keep up the good work, guys. And continue to think about a location(s) to meet as we are quickly nearing the need to split the group. Near the Peak exit and Chapin are the two main areas we are hearing that have the most interest. 


1). The Strut midweek workouts will now begin at 0530 on Tuesday and Thursday. We will gain more attendance due to this change and it will allow all of us to go to bed 15 minutes earlier on Monday and Wednesday nights. 😉

2). A1A will have his Inaugural Q on this coming Tuesday.

 3). The F3 golf outing will be held on Thursday, October 10 at Crickentree in Blythewood. Please contact Uno @luke_boatright or Alter Boy @Gamecock_Matt97 if you are interested in playing. The cost is $45 and a cookout lunch is included. Should be a great time of 2ndF fellowship! 

4). The Mud Run is October 12. If you are interested in getting on the waiting list, it’s not too late. Please contact @F3Columbia if you are interested in what has been called “The Super Bowl of F3.”

5). Brother Cy is heading up additional 2ndF and 3rdF opportunities. Please contact him @jimmyparris if you would like to assist him in this effort.

6). Remember Justin Carter (Rx)’s son who is facing a serious heart surgery in the near future. We’re praying for you, brother! 


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