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F3 Columbia Gets Better Physically, Mentally, Spiritually

55 men converged on the original grounds of F3 Columbia at Dreher High School for a combined workout with 9 #Amblers choosing to do their long run on the Governor’s Cup training plan. The remaining 46 men warmed up and then divided into three even groups taken on the three station workouts by Chaser, Robber and Heartbreaker respectively.


Chaser: SSH x 25 (4ct)
Robber: CLBC x 20 (4ct)
HB: Merkins x 12 (4ct slow count)
Chaser: Six inches x 60 seconds
Robber: Squat x 20 (4ct)
HB: Wide Arm Merkins x 15 (4ct slow count)

Split into 3 even groups (Robber, Chaser, HB out in front of straight line facing Qs.)

Start on the left and each man goes to the next Q until line is gone)

ROBBER’S Station, Kettle Bells (In front of Dreher)
4 count, in cadence, except OYO

Traditional KB Swings x20
Squat Press x10
One Arm KB Swings x10 (ES)
Full Sit -Up 15 reps (OYO)
Hammer Curl x10 (ES)
One Arm Swings x10 (ES)
Rack Press x10 (ES)
Cross Crunch 15 reps (OYO)
Triceps x20 (ES)
Suitcase Squat x10 (ES)
Alternating Swings x10 (ES)

HEARTBREAKER’S Station: Logo’s Loop with Pain Stations

Pain Station 1 – Daly/Michigan
Merkins 1 min AMRAP
LBCs 1 min AMRAP

Pain Station 2 – Devereaux/Michigan
Slow count squat (cadence 3 count down) x20
Flutter x25 cadence

Pain Station 3 – Adger/Devereaux
Carolina dry dock x10 cadence
Sit up x 25 OYO (plank til all done)
Lunge walk from corner – distance tbd on time

Run to Brickpile

CHASER’S Station: Field work Strings of fire on the lower field

Grab and Carry 2 Bricks Entire Time (ALL EXERCISES WITH BRICKS)

AMRAP – 4 minutes
10 yard shuttle (down, back, down, back)
5 burpees
5 jump squats
5 diamond Merkins (single)

AMRAP – 4 minutes
Karaoke 50 yards down
20 CDD (single)
10 Dive Bomb Merkins (single)
Sprint 50 yards back

AMRAP – 4 minutes
Bear Crawl 10 yard shuttle (down, back only)
10 jump knee ups
20 Russian Twist (single count)
10 Situps (single count)

All three groups converge at COT including #Amblers

Ball of Man led by Chaser


– Our brother Robber announced in BOM that his mother has been diagnosed with liver cancer. Special prayers for her healing and for Robber’s family.

– Excellent workout today conceived (huh?) by Robber over the course of the week. Three groups allowed us to move 46 guys through the workout easily and each of the three Qs got to put their own signature on their workout by contributing one of the three stations. This may become the go to format for convergences.


– Mud Run is coming up on 10/12. Sway is running the wait list and more than likely there will be some guys who have to drop in the next few weeks so please let him know if you are interested. [email protected]

– Governor’s Cup is 11/9. Commit now and workout at Amble to get ready. Pre-Blast by Fountainhead is now up and a training plan (SET TO LAUNCH THIS WEEK) is now in effect. Please check out the pre-blast at http://f3nation.com/2013/09/10/pre-blast-governors-cup-13-1/. Our first weekend (long) run is this weekend (7 miles) with Saturday (Sub Prime leads) and Sunday (Chaser leads) runs starting at Dreher at 6:45 AM. So far, commits are:
3.Fountain Head
9.Yellow Cake
11.Kim Jung
16.Costanza’s M

– 3rdF efforts are under way. TB is taking the lead. Please let him know if you are interested in helping or getting involved. Contact him at [email protected] Please reference yesterday’s email from the F3Columbia email address for more details. FIRST MEETING IS THIS TUESDAY AT 8 PM AT TB’S HOME. More information and directions to follow.

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