• When: 06/24/2017
  • QIC: Hustler & Robber
  • The PAX: Splinter, Chaser, Misfire, Wingback, Collar, Eldrick, Hog, Venti

Swinging from the fences

Hustler and I had the Q at Battle yesterday. Collar almost lost some of his man parts while scaling a fence. Here’s how it went down:

Hustler’s 1st Half:

  • Mosey to the tennis court
  • Scale 10′ chain-link fence
  • Various versions of bear crawl suicides for the next 25 minutes
  • Scale fence to escape the Thunderdome

Robber’s 2nd Half

  • Mosey to the brick pile, get some
  • Mosey to the ball field
    • 25x overhead press IC
    • 20x tricep extension IC
    • 10x brick burpees OYO
    • 20x overhead press IC
    • 20x curls for the gals IX
  • Mosey to the Battle Loop
    • 78x Chaser LBC
  • Pair up in teams of 3
    • 1 lap around the Loop
    • 10x Pullups
    • 10x dips
    • 10x burpees
  • Mosey to the flag

From the Moleskin

Like most of the guys around Cola, Cheech’s death this week had an impact on me. Although I didn’t know him, through hearing stories about how he lived his life, what he stood for, and the type of guy he was – I felt like I know him now. I’m not gonna lie to you, I did some should searching this week, and I’m coming up short. The thing this man taught me – this man that I never met – is that I need to live my life like every day may be my last.


Friday, June 30th, 5pm – until OGM F3 Lake Murray Cookout At Pine Island. Sign up for something to HC:



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