• When: 06/21/17
  • QIC: Paperboy
  • The PAX: Spanky, Contra Silverchair, Boo

#BlueFalcon loves wet blocks

4 PAX showed up in the misty rain for another #Boodacious Q.  I was totes surprised to see actual bodies at a #BF workout since these posers bailed on a 20 mile ruck last week due to the presence of rainbows.  Luckily it was just 3 PAX in addition to YHC cause I only brought 4 blocks.

YHC instructed the PAX to get familiar with these blocks, cause they were going to together for the duration of the workout.

Conditions – 70 or so, misty and humid as a mofo

The Thang:

Head out of the Dreher parking lot with our blocks on our shoulders, take a left on Adger.  Mosey down Adger to Berkeley.  We passed Subby’s house to make sure he was at #Ramble.  This was good because we were gonna have to do some monkey humpers if he #fartsacked.  Hook around at Meredith and back up the hill to the Adger/Berkeley split.

This was a good mile of coupon work for the boys, but we need to spice things up a little bit.

YHC called out a ladder/circuit:

20 block squats at the top of the hill

Roll down Berkeley to the flat part for 20 merkins on the block.

Back up the hill for 20 more block squats.

Shuffle down Adger for 20 russian twists with the block (difficult, to say the least).

Back up to the hill for 20 block squats

Rinse and repeat two more times.

This put the PAX in a good mood for more rucking, so we headed back to Dreher and stopped at Deveraux for some more PT:

20 Flutter kicks IC while doing bench presses with the block

20 bent over rows OYO with the block

20 standing rows OYO with the block

And then a #crowdpleaser:

5 10ct Bodybuilders with a block curl press at the end.  AWESOME SAUCE!

After this we moseyed back to the school for a good 2.4 miles, some PT and most importantly; #BlockLife.


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