• When: 06/24/2017
  • QIC: Longshanks
  • The PAX: Runners of The Fort and The Rock

First Ever PreRun Backblast #CheechStrong

Today in The Fort we held a Convergence to honor the memory of our F3 Lexington brother Cheech. As with all things in The Fort we must PreDo somnething. There was both a PreRun and PreRuck option starting at 0600 before the 0700 Main Event. Convergence held at The Yard as it allows for more Parking. The Fort at Walter Elisha Park is the Original Fort AO. Luckily its only 2.6 miles away.

The Thang

Disclaimer given about sticking together and making sure you always have another runner with you. Route was given and we grabbed a shovel flag to take with us as we ran the 2.6 miles to The Fort AO. The shovel flag passed through many hands as we made our way and it was always in the front of the PAX. Once arriving at Walter Elisha Park, the flag was planted in its normal spot, with YHC’s sweaty sleeveless shirt around the shovel. The 2.6 miles back to The Yard were at your own pace with all PAX returning in time for the main event.

1. To my record, YHC Believes this is the first ever PreRun Backblast written in the history of F3. YHC may be wrong (likely) but I doubt it.

2. Those that know YHC know that sometimes I’m short with my words, sometimes I’m long with my words, and sometimes my words make no sense. I’m guessing you’ll get 2 out of 3 on this one and 2 out of 3 ain’t bad. Honestly I felt God had put these words on my heart since Wednesday and this is how I get to share them.

3. First off, I didn’t know Cheech. When asked prior to the Main Event how many PAX knew Cheech, not a single one raised their hand. But if you think about it, we all know a Cheech in the PAX we workout and post with. That #HIM probably goes by another name but we all have at least one in our midst. The guy that loves the Lord. The guy that would do anything for his wife and kids. That guy that is intentional in what he does. The guy that is always wearing his reflective vest, headlamp, and flashers. Right now that guy is already coming to your mind. Like I said, we all have a Cheech among us.

4. YHC was asked why we left the flag at The Fort and why YHC left his sleeveless shirt. The easy answer. I don’t know. Felt like the right thing to do and it’s what God put on my Heart Thursday morning as Cake Boss, CSPAN, Saturday Site Q’s, YHC and few others tried to plan out the Convergence. Personally, YHC thinks it symbolizes a single spirit at The Fort while we honor his memory at The Yard. Just as Cheech in now doing the Lords work at the Best AO ever – Heaven, while we’re still in this broken world doing the best we can knowing one day we’ll be called home to the Best AO ever.

5. The reality in life is that we all will have grief and struggles and things we don’t comprehend as to why they happen. I think of brothers like Olive and Spud and Stang and others that lost children way too early in life. I think of Cheech and Papa Smurf and the countless others gone too soon. Not to mention those that have lost a parent, grandparent, brother, sister, spouse, or close friend. We may go though a divorce or have friends or family going through divorce. Or add in whatever struggle or grief that is in your life. We all have them as we were never promised an easy life. And just as we all have different griefs, we all grieve differently.

6. 3 years ago today, June 24th, my dad passed away from Pancreatic Cancer. He was 66. YHC had just started attending workouts on Saturdays a few months earlier (and I wasn’t even attending those regularly). What stood out to me, was the outpouring of support from guys I had met only 1-2 to guys I had never met at all. Thats what makes this group special. What makes it different. We sweat together, we bleed together, and we mourn the loss of those around us, TOGETHER.

#CheechStrong #SleevelessforCheech

Shanks out

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  1. Really great words here, Shanks. Correct on all counts. Thanks for sharing and thanks for leading us this morning,

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