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"Swamp Fox 6 Exiting the Swamp"

12 pax were on hand this morning at Columbia’s Fort Jackson US Army base for a Change of Command ceremony honoring Lt. Colonel Chris “Beano” Forsythe who has been reassigned to the Eisenhower School for National Security in Washington, DC.

The Thang:

12 F3ers were among around 100 civilian onlookers and about 250 members of the US Army Recruiting Battalion at the Fort Jackson Officer’s Club today to watch the ceremony. An invocation was given, and flowers were presented to the wives and families of the honorees. The colors were presented, and the Army Band played the National Anthem. Some very kind words were lauded upon Lt. Colonel Beano who leaves his post as the #1 recruitment team in the entire Army. There was a ceremonial exchange of flags between Beano, the new commander, and the Command Sergeant Major. Beano said a few words – including an acknowledgment of the F3ers present, and then the incoming commander gave some brief remarks. The ceremony concluded with the singing of the Army Song, and Beano and his wife greeted those present in a receiving line. Several of his officers were visibly moved by his departure and referred to the man we know as Beano as “the best commander I have ever had.”

We, too, shall miss Beano. In just a few short months, he has brought an intensity and a discipline to our F3 workouts that we would not have experienced otherwise. We wish well Chris, his wife Julia, and their twin sons Jack and Alex as they depart for new challenges. The door is always open for your return, and you will always be welcome in Columbia!

The Warrior Ethos:
I will always place the mission first, I will never accept defeat, I will never quit, and I will never leave a fallen comrade.

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  1. Beano, I haven’t had the pleasure to meet you yet, but I’ve heard and read of your legendary beat downs. So, let me extend a Navy Bravo Zulu for your F3 work and your Army work. Enjoy your tour in DC. Hope you can join the F3 ranks in that beautiful A.O.

  2. A great experience this morning as it is always a pleasure to watch people participate in rituals and traditions that they revere. I was honored to be there and be invited to witness one of our oldest traditions. Beano has quite obviously done an incredible job in his post and we can all only aspire to replicate that performance in our own professions. I am, however, still disappointed that he did not drop the battalion either for merkins or flutter kicks before he gave over the guidon but I digress. Come back soon to Q Beano!

  3. Very few times in our lives do we come across individuals who can inspire those around them . After the first “Beno Beat Down” it was clear that our workouts would never be the same again. I am thankfu we crossed paths and look forward to keeping in touch. Major “Beno” BS, will be missed in the ranks for F3 Columbia but his spirit will live within us to strive to be better. All ships rise with the tide, Lt Col Chris Forsythe is that tide and elevates those around him. Thank you for what you do for our country and thank you for your friendship and your leadership.

  4. The “never leave a fallen comrade” portion of the warrior ethos resonated with me when I watched Beano’s change of command ceremony. While not “fallen” in the true sense of the word, other than being a sinner, being perpetually towards the back of the pack, I can think of countless times “Beano” ran back to push me through, never leaving me behind. A true leader indeed, and as the others have pointed out so eloquently, a true inspiration. Our lives are richer having known you Beano. I wish you the best in all your endeavors!

  5. Double Trouble

    Beano !
    We are really proud of you man.
    Enjoy DC, and don’t neglect that golf game.
    Hanus Point is Lyn-Rock North !
    Stevie Ray / Double Trouble

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