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All That for a Bandana

The humid gloom greeted 36 Columbia warriors dedicated to making a downPAINment on the day. Logo took the helm and steered us into a beatdown.

Conditions: Clear and humid.

The Thang:

Logo’s Loop with Pain Stations:

Station 1
SSH x 15
Merkins x 25 OYO
Squats x 25 OYO
SSH until everyone finished

Station 2
Merkins x 25 OYO
Big Boy situps x 25 OYO
Plank until everyone finished

Station 3
Merkins x 25 OYO
Squats x 25 OYO
Leg raises 6” off ground and hold, out and hold, 45 degrees and hold and taco position with hold (I believe Robber came up with Taco position). Repeato 3 x thru.

5k pace back to lower field at DHS
Merkins x 25 OYO
Plank until everyone finished

Lunge walk x 25
Merkins x 25 OYO
Lunge walk x 25

Leg raises 6” off ground and hold, out and hold, 45 degrees and hold and taco position with hold. Repeato 2 x.

Mosey to Hollywood Squares

Step up x 20 each leg
Decline Merkins x 9 in cadence

Mosey to Great Wall of Pain

Peoples Chair x 60
Sway led Jungle Boi’s x 18
Flutters x 20
Peoples chair x 60

Mosey to Heartbreakers Brick Pile
Curls for the girls x 20
Bench press x 20
Leg raises 6” off ground and hold, out and hold, 45 degrees and hold and taco position with hold.
Curls x 10
LBC x 12
Merkins x 9 in cadence
Big boy situps x 25
Freddie Mercury x 15 (Heartbreakers call)
Burpees x 10 (Adrian’s first and last dealers choice call)
Bench press x 10


Ball of Man


  • Great job by Logo! #smokedUs
  • The sign of relief was audible at the top of the Berkley hill (“Hill Street Blues” from now on) when Logo called a run back to DHS and not Jacobs Ladder.  #noBurpees
  • The pax was in a, ummmm, strange mood when naming FNGs this morning. Welcome Betamax and Fluff.
  • The Taco position on the protractor was humerous
  • Last call for Twilight 5K, Friday night 7:30pm. See Bluegrass for details
  • The Hewitt Family 5K next weekend will be run for a very good cause worthy of our support. Sign up on the strictlyrunning website. See Kim Jung for details.
  • Family cookout on Saturday 5-8:00 at Heartbreaker’s house. Bring a side item, dessert, or appetizer. We are looking at over 100 people.
  • #Amble is promoting the July 4th 4-mile race. See Chaser or SubPrime for details. This is always a fun race.
  • GoRuck in Charlotte is on August 2nd. If you want in, it’s not too late. See Mission for details.
  • TUESDAY WE WILL SPLIT INTO TWO LOCATIONS. CHASER WILL LEAD A WORKOUT AT CRAYTON MIDDLE SCHOOL ON TUESDAYS AND THURSDAYS. You can post either place. We will converge at Dreher every Saturday. This workout has yet to be named and suggestions are welcomed.
  • The Gear Store is promoting a safety gear package: headlamp, belt clip red flasher, and a safety vest. Go on the website for more information. This will become essential gear when it gets darker on the roads, especially you #Amblers.
  • I’m not exactly sure what the bandana comment by resident comedian and habitual bandana wearer Kim Jung was all about, but it was worthy of a large laugh on that side of the COT. And no, Kim Jung, jello shots do not count as a side item for the cookout.

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